Enermax NAXN 850W Modular Power Supply Review

/ 6 years ago

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When you think of quality power supplies, a few names always spring to mind- Antec, Corsair and of course, Enermax. They are one of the more established companies, being around since 1990, and have made a reputation by consistently producing some of the finest power supplies on the market such as the Modu87+ we reviewed previously.

The NAXN series, however, comes with a twist- Enermax is one of the few top manufacturers that make their own PSUs rather than rebranding OEM units. The NAXN series caters for the more budget-orientated enthusiast, so to keep costs down, Enermax has opted to use an OEM by the name of Sirfa which is a company from whom we have not yet seen produce any PSUs, although until recently they produced units as a part of Sirtec which are one of the most established manufacturers in the business. We have seen Enermax take this approach in the past with their other budget units, which have all kept up Enermax’s quality reputation.

Despite using an OEM to produce this unit, the NAXN is far from a budget power supply. It targets itself at the high end of the power supply market and being marketed as an ideal choice for gamers. However, at such a price point the NAXN will really have to prove itself in terms of performance and quality to remain a practical choice for gamers- competing with units such as the cheaper Corsar TX850 and XFX Pro 850W. Whether the NAXN pulls this off or not, we shall see later.

The unit we will be taking a look at is the Enermax Naxn 850W which seems to be the replacement for their old Pro 82+ PSUs with similar features but with more up to date wattages and all sorts of internal changes. Like the Pro 82+ units, this caters for the high-end gamer looking for a top quality PSU for a fair price.

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