EVGA SuperNova 850 G5 Power Supply Review


EVGA presents its SuperNova range very well. The front of the packaging is devoid of any huge pieces of information and instead concentrates on the major factors. These being the product name, an image of it (albeit somewhat hard to make out), the wattage and the gold-efficiency rating.

Whatever the front lacks in the fine detail is certainly made up hugely on the rear. It is literally a wall of information and while it is a little on the small size (largely to incorporate the 5 languages) you are told all the inner details you could want to know about this power supply.


As this is a power supply, you clearly don’t need much in the way of accessories. What you are provided with, however, certainly has you covered. You are given a (surprisingly high quality) product manual, a 24-pin adaptor, screws to mount this to your chassis and, of course, the modular power cables.

In regards to the latter point, it is a little disappointing to not see these held within a bag of some description. While they are bound by a velcro strap, they are loose in the box and, a minor point I know, but I have become rather accustomed to these being within a bag meaning I can throw out the box, but still have somewhere tidy to keep the spare cables.

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Mike Sanders

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