Facebook May Shortly Ask You to Send Them A Selfie

Facebook may shortly ask you to send them a selfie to prove that you are a human being

I hate selfies and no, it’s not because I’m a miserable sod. I hate everything that is associated with it. The faux posing. The ‘we’re all great mates really’ (despite knowing otherwise). I despise those people who carry the selfie sticks around with them for ‘that special occasion’, but you know what I really hate about selfies? It’s those people who insist on ALWAYS pulling what I am reliably informed is called the ‘duck face’. I mean why? Does pouting your lips like you’ve just been belted by Mike Tyson really make you look more attractive?

This aside, the amount of people who die in an effort to take a selfie is simply ridiculous!

So, by this point, I hope you understand, I’m not very keen on them. Despite this, Facebook might soon be encountering my wrath as a report via the Telegraph has said that the social media site is testing roll-out ‘selfie requests’.

Account verification

In fairness to Facebook, there is a valid reason for this. Social media sites are flooded with disingenuous accounts. Be them outright fakes or even bots, Facebook for a lot of recent and awkward legal reasons, is keen to improve its portfolio.

Amongst at present a small userbase, Facebook has begun asking users to send them a selfie, but simply for the purpose of confirming that a human being is at the helm. Asking for the photo, it does a quick check to verify that the image is unique and then promptly deletes it.

It is not the first time such a system has been proposed and does have a level of common sense to it. It is thought that if successful, Facebook may consider rolling it out as a more reliable alternative to CAPTCHA systems.

What do you think? Impossible to work or regulate? A good security measure? Do you hate duck faces too? – Let us know in the comments (posting pictures of duck-faced selfies may cause the author to explode).

Mike Sanders

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