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Fractal Ion+2 Platinum 660W Power Supply Review

How Much Does it Cost?

As a brand new product release, the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum series of power supplies is likely only just arriving with retailers, and, as such, confirming an exact ‘real world’ price was not possible at the time of this review. Fractal has, however, confirmed the following MSRPs for this 660W model:

  • Fractal Ion+2 Platinum – $129.99/€129.99/£107.99

Now, for a 660-watt power supply, this price might appear to be rather expensive at an initial glance. Remember though that this has been efficiency rated to a very high level. In fact, it’s the second-highest possible. In direct comparative levels, most consumers can expect power supplies of this wattage output and efficiency rating to usually cost at least £10-£20 more. – As such, Fractal has done an exceptionally good job with the pricing here to not only make it competitive but in many regards, significantly less expensive than many alternatives that come from far less reputable brands.


Throughout all of our testing, the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum provided us with excellent results. The only exception was the mildly average scores provided in our ripple testing, and, as noted in that section of the review, they were still massively within acceptable levels. There was honestly nothing to fault from the various factors we looked into and, on the whole, for a professional, strong, and no-nonsense design, this power supply ticks every box you can possibly conceive.

The real key highlight, however, is undoubtedly seen in its efficiency. Despite only(?) being rated to 80 Plus Platinum, which is already a high standard in itself (the 2nd highest in fact), our results showed that the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum came in many respects very close to the ‘top of the line’ Titanium levels. And by very close, we mean that it just barely makes it, but does it nonetheless.

If this had that certification, you could easily expect to see another £30 thrown onto the price tag, and given that the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum is pretty much there, and performs much better than its already high and official Platinum efficiency level, this is perhaps the best way we can think to demonstrate as to just how good the performance of this PSU is.

Practicality & Functionality

The Fractal Ion+2 Platinum presents itself as an excellent power supply entirely suitable for workloads, be they somewhat generic office-based or at the more extreme end of high-performance gaming. Admittedly, for extreme gaming, you’d probably want a power output model higher than 660W. With this range going up to 860W, however, there are definitely options to suit all requirements.

Fractal has applied various means of making this power supply exceptionally easy to use, and with its very generous cable length (and selection), we wouldn’t see this PSU providing any difficulties for users not just in terms of successfully connecting all of their hardware components, but also in regards to allowing strong levels of cable management.

Should I Buy One?

The Fractal Ion+2 Platinum is, without a doubt, a professional-level power supply that not only packs plenty of excellent features but also offers exceptionally high levels of functionality and performance to suit practically all needs and requirements. – It is sleek, stylish, understated, and goes about its job in an exceptionally efficient and streamlined manner.

Perhaps best of all though, the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum series, particularly this 660W model, is exceptionally well priced compared to similarly specced alternatives from other brands. And it does this while offering, at least in my opinion, one of the best levels of build quality and design I’ve encountered.

Maybe for some, this will lose points for not being a little more flashy. As noted throughout our review, in terms of aesthetics things definitely err more towards substance than style. For me though, you don’t really ever want ‘flash’ in a power supply. You want it to diligently go about its job, do it well, and be built to last. And in that regard, the Fractal Ion+2 Platinum is perhaps one of the best power supplies currently available on the market.

Fractal Ion+2 Platinum 660W Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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