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Hoverboard Channel Crossing Is Successfully Completed!

You may recall how last week the French designer of the hoverboard, Franky Zapata, announced his intentions to cross the English channel using his device as the sole means of conveyance. You may, additionally, recall how that attempt didn’t exactly go exactly to plan as he ended up in the water.

Not to be deterred, he announced his plans to attempt it again and hopefully get a far more positive result. Well, following the release of a video, Franky Zapata attempted his run again in the early hours of this morning and… would you believe it! He’s actually done it!

Hoverboard Completes Successful Channel Crossing

Achieving speeds at times of up to 86mph, the channel crossing was made in a little under 20 minutes. This represents the first successful channel crossing made on such a device.

Unlike the last time, however, he was able to successfully reland and fuel his hoverboard at around the halfway point. As such, all he had to do was successfully cross the remaining water and scale the cliffs of Dover for victory!

What Do We Think?

It was something of a doubt if he would re-attempt the crossing. Particularly so close to his prior failure. Franky Zapata, however, clearly believes in his design and, in addition, may one day decide to try this out on a retail level.

We do, however, salute the successful crossing and can’t wait to see what he, and his hoverboard, has planned next!

What do you think? Are you impressed with the crossing? Would you like a hoverboard? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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