HYTE Y60 All-White PC Case Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

My first impressions of this case are very good indeed, as it really just makes such a striking impression even without a PC built inside it. Obviously, the unique L-shaped interior and three sides of tempered glass are the real focus here. The pillarless design of the front left corner means you get uninterrupted views of the case interior.

There’s a front I/O panel, which is located at the bottom of the front corner. This works well if the case is up on your desktop, but may not be ideal if you’re putting the case on the floor. Yes, I realise buying what is primarily a display case and putting it on the floor seems tragic, but people might just do that.

The view from the front is fantastic, and I love how the glass is all flush-mounted. There’s a slim black trim around the edge of the glass too, which hides the parts where it makes contact with the chassis. I wonder if this would have looked better in white, but honestly, what little bits of black hardware there are on this case do provide a nice two-tone contrast.

The top panel of this case looks wild, with a geometric design to the ventilation that mimics the changing angles of the side panel glass but also offers up a huge amount of additional airflow to the case.

It’s the same on the right side, and while more cases are starting to implement an increased amount of ventilation on their side panels, they’re not putting in as much as this! Airflow is king in this case, but given it has no front air intakes, I guess it does have to make up for the deficit somewhere.

Even the back, the HYTE Y60 looks rather fantastic. On one side, it’s largely what you would expect from the back of an ATX setup, with a fan mount, rear I/O cut-out, and expansion slots. However, there are three more expansion slots in a vertical configuration off to one side too. Meanwhile, the case uses a dual-chamber design, so the PSU and storage actually sit in a large section behind the motherboard.

There are even some rear-accessible storage bays here, which is really cool, I haven’t seen these on a case for years, but I think Lian Li and maybe the Cooler Master HAF series had similar options.

The bottom of the case has good ground clearance thanks to some extra wide feet that also provide excellent stability. There’s a large dust filter on the bottom, allowing for even more airflow into the case.

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