HYTE Y60 All-White PC Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The HYTE H60 is available now from for around £209.99 in all colours. It’s on Amazon too, but for some reason, it’s another £70 more expensive there… to hell with that, be sure you don’t overpay, as this case is already mighty expensive. Is it worth that much? Yes and no, it’s very nice, but unless you’re going to do a build that warrants such a showcase, and you also have an appropriate place to put this case, then it is a bit on the pricy side. However, while I love the Lian Li 011 series, this just does look better, and you get that stunning riser cable included in the price and at just £30-50 more expensive, that seems like a comparatively good deal.


This case certainly isn’t for everyone. For starters, its design is pretty much crafted to be placed up on top of your desk, not on the floor. It needs to draw air from the bottom fans due to the lack of a breathable front panel, so placing it on a rug or carpet is pretty much a no-go. You also can’t put the right side up against a wall, or you’ll suffocate the PSU and side fan/radiator intakes. Of course, putting the left side against a wall, and you’ll be left with a £200+ display case with the glass turned to a wall… pointless. So, it needs space on all sides and ideally wants to be up on a hard surface. I’d suggest a strong desk too, as fully loaded this case is going to be pretty damn heavy. Unless you can do all that, you likely wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy this case.

Of course, if you’re dropping big bucks on a case like this, it’s likely you’re putting some serious hardware in. Aesthetics are a big part of modern PC building, and being able to show off your amazing GPU cooler, radiators, and other components couldn’t be done much better than what is on offer here. It’s a stunning case, and I can see why people love it so much.

The HYTE Y60 is well designed, with a dual chamber design that hides all the cables, storage and power supply out of sight. Plus it has ample cable routing options to ensure the final build is looking its absolute best too. It may be a premium and enthusiast-focused case, but even first-time system builders will find this is very easy and intuitive to work with.

The all-white edition looks amazing, but I’m really torn on which version I like the best. For RGB the white will really shine, for something more menacing the black is great too, and for something really flashy, I think I’d really like the red version. Whatever you choose though, it’s sure to impress.

Should I Buy One?

I tend to tuck my PC down the side of my desk, and I have minimal RGB and rarely care to look through the side panel window, my PC is a workhorse, and I just don’t have the desktop space to really display a case this beautiful, it can be a little awkward to really find a spot that works for this case. However, I can certainly see the appeal. With a big desktop, and some subtle RGB lighting, it’s sure to transform your gaming space, and I can see why many streamers and content creators have it up on their desktop to complete the aesthetic of their set. It’s expensive, but it’s exceptionally well made, looks stunning, and comes packed with features that more than justify the hefty retail price.

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Peter Donnell

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