HYTE Y60 All-White PC Case Review


There are a lot of cool features in this case, but cooling is easily one of the things it takes most seriously. Losing the front intake to a window means that airflow needs to come from somewhere. Starting at the bottom of the case, the bottom filter is removable, and you’ll find some cooling mounts in the bottom, with two of their FE12 fans acting as intake fans, which will, of course, blow air right up at the GPU and CPU area.

It’s a similar affair up on the top, so let’s remove that top panel!

You’ll find 120mm and 140mm fan and radiator spacings, with room in the top section for fans, so they don’t eat into the space of the motherboard compartment. There are six screws holding the cooling plate in place too, so you can fully remove it, mount your fans and radiators, and then drop it all back in as one piece, which is great for custom loops as it makes putting the tricker fittings on a lot easier.

Removing the glass is simple enough, and each piece can be taken off in stages. With a thumbscrew holding the main left side piece, and internal screws holding the small corner and front sections firmly in place.

The interior looks superb, with more of that gorgeous geometric design for the floor, and remember, there’s a bunch of fans under there, so those are more than just a style choice.

There’s a built-in PCIE Gen 4 riser cable, which will certainly be one of the things that adds to the premium price tag of this case. It’s mounted into the bottom ready to drop your GPU into place, and with three vertical slots, you can obviously fit a triple slot card in here, so most flagship cards like the RTX 4090 shouldn’t be an issue.

The upper section is nicely designed and is pre-fitted into the top most expansion slot. It actually looks more like a PCIe add-in card on its own, which looks so much nicer than just having the riser cable go right into the motherboard.

There’s a large cut-out behind the motherboard, which will make it easier to add or remove your CPU coolers. There are plenty of cable routing options too, with holes below the motherboard, in the floor of the case, more in the top, and some large grommets at an angle to the right.

Additional cooling in the bottom and top is great, but there’s also a set of 120/140mm spacing mounts on the right-side panel, which could be configured to bring air in or heat out as you see fit, and would make a great spot for a liquid cooler and some RGB fans. There is a single FE12 fan in the rear of the case too, giving us three fans in total (remember, the other two are on the bottom of the case).

The right side panel is fully meshed on the back, acting like one giant dust filter.

Behind the motherboard, there’s a massive amount of space for cramming all your excess cables out of sight. The PSU mounts towards the bottom of the case, and there are internal routing channels to get everything where it needs to be while still looking neat and tidy. You can get a 235mm PSU in here too, so it’s not like you’re going to be limited on power options!

I love that the storage bays are in this caddy at the back, allowing you access to the drives from the rear panel and they’re durable aluminium trays too, when simple plastic ones would have worked just fine. There’s attention to detail and design everywhere in this case, even the bits you won’t see during normal operation, and I really appreciate the effort HYTE has gone to.

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