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ID-Cooling ICEFAN 240 ARGB Snow Edition Fan Kit Review

One of the most bothersome aspects of installing fans, particularly those with ARGB lighting effects, is the seemingly masses of cables you have to deal with. Not only in terms of getting them all successfully hooked up, but also the small matter of feeding them around your system in order to (hopefully) get some kind of decent form of presentation and/or management. – With the release of the ICEFAN 240 ARGB Snow Edition fan kit, however, ID-Cooling may have just come up with a pretty neat solution to that problem!

ID-Cooling ICEFAN 240 ARGB Snow Edition

Unlike many traditional fan kits that often provide you with a number of individual fans, the ICEFAN 240 ARGB Snow Edition is a bit different in that although representing a 240mm fan design, this is actually supplied as a whole block. In other words, the two x 120mm fans come pre-attached within a surrounding case and while this is still 100% suitable for mounting on any 240mm cooling solution, one of the biggest key benefits is that despite its size, this only has two individual cables coming from it. One for the PWM control, and the other for the ARGB lighting effects.

So yes, this fan kit does have some limitations in that it’s (in so far as we can tell) only really suitable as a replacement cooling solution for 240mm AIOs, or possibly as some neat and tidy airflow chassis solution, but for me, I absolutely love this design and can’t wait to check it out!

Oh, and for the sake of clarity, although this is the white ‘Snow Edition’ version of the cooling fan we’ll be specifically reviewing here (and yes, it is also available in black) for the sake of my typing fingers, throughout the rest of this review I will only (largely) refer to this as the ‘ICEFAN 240’.


For more in-depth details and specifications, you can check out the official ID-Cooling product page via the link here!


  • ARGB Lighting
  • PWM Support
  • Rubber De-Vibrations pads
  • Silent Operation
  • Motherboard ARGB SYNC Compatibility
  • 2 Ball-bearing fan design

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Mike Sanders

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