Microsoft Has Quietly Launched DirectX 12

/ 2 years ago


DirectX 12 is highly anticipated by gamers everywhere, though probably not as much by AMD users as Mantle does about the same. Still, there is no doubt that DirectX 12 will be an improvement as it allows for 7-10 times more draw calls and it looks like Microsoft has sneaked the release out with the latest Windows 10 update.

When running the DirectX Diagnostics Tool dxdiag, it will show DirectX 12 as the API. Sadly we can’t take advantage of it yet as your drivers need to implement it too. But that is just a matter of time now and everything is ready. AMD and Nvidia just need to release those drivers, oh and you’ll of course also need a DX12 capable application.

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So, DirectX 12 is here, you just can’t use it yet. One of the first applications to take advantage of the new and improved techniques will no doubt be the 3DMark benchmark codenamed Farandole.

Thanks to WccfTech for providing us with this information

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