Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Announces ‘New Exclusive IP at E3’

/ 3 years ago


This year’s E3 could be very exciting! Aside from AMD’s rumour to show the R9 300 series, we have Crytek teasing with their demo and many more other manufacturers/game developers/etc coming with news of their latest ‘contraptions’.

Now Microsoft’s head of Xbox division, Phil Spencer, adds some hype to that E3 date we are all waiting for. He tweeted that the company will come forth with a ‘new exclusive IP’ this time around. This does not mean that they will stop promoting third-parties altogether, but rather shift their focus more on their own stuff.


Now the question is, what does this mean? Will we see more Halo titles cropping up? How about a new Age of Empires game? If you think that the latter are a lot of questions, then we shouldn’t start mentioning the questions about the Windows-makers platform decisions.

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As you would have imagined by now, there is no official news about an upcoming title or the platform it will roll out on. In my opinion, the Xbox One platform is the right candidate for the company because the company is more inclined to go with their own gaming platform.

Windows 10 is their latest product and the (only) OS for gaming on PC, but it’s not Microsoft’s own platform at play. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

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