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Montech Century Gold 650W Power Supply Review


Coming officially rated as an 80-Plus Gold efficiency power supply, although this level of performance has become more ‘standard’ in recent years, it still requires quite a strong level of performance and build quality to achieve. In regards to the Montech Century, however, despite only being ‘Gold’ rated, the figures provided in our testing suggest that its performance is significantly higher.

Achieving an average of around 93% efficiency, this power supply comes very close to achieving the notably higher ‘Platinum’ rating which, if it did, would easily add another £20-£30 onto the price tag. Put simply, this is definitely ‘Gold’ and a very high one at that which should, ultimately, save you a bit of money from the socket in the wall.

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

There’s no way to sugarcoat this, the PFC for the Montech Century isn’t great. While it’s perfectly fine when working at 100%, or even as low as 40% load, at 20% the number simply falls off a cliff. Achieving a score of 0.695 is actually so low (when compared to the other results in our chart) that it actually falls off it completely. – The good news though is that it would take an exceptionally unusual system confirmation to only require (in theory) 130 watts of power even when running at idle. As such, as long as your specifications aren’t incredibly benign, we doubt that this will pose any problems.

Voltage Regulation

The consistency offered in the voltage regulation for the Montech Century is undoubtedly excellent. As you can see in the results below, across the whole range of outputs tested, the scores are exceptionally consistent meaning that the overall deviancy is, by proxy, very low. A particular highlight is the 5V and 3.3V rails as throughout all 10 scores, the number only changed once (and even then, only by 0.1).

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Mike Sanders

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