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MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro Gaming Laptop Review

Gaming Performance

Grand Theft Auto 5

I was surprised how well the GE62 6QD handled the Very High preset in GTA V despite only having 2GB of video RAM at its disposal. The results fell just shy of 40 frames-per-second which made the experience perfectly playable without hitching or major frame drops. More specifically, the minimum frame-rate reported by the GPU was 24.54. Additionally, if you turn down the water effects or texture quality, 60 frames-per-second is obtainable.

Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light’s advanced tessellation effects and supreme texture quality limited the GPU to a solid 30 frames-per-second benchmark run. This is a less pronounced gap to the 970M compared to other benchmarks and fell in-line with my expectations. Once again, reducing the settings should allow for a Medium-High preset at 60 frames-per-second.

Tomb Raider

The GE62 6QD fared much better in Tomb Raider and almost attained the magical 60 frames-per-second figure whilst running on Ultra. There’s a large gap to the 970M but this extra performance comes at a hefty price increase.

Bioshock Infinite

In Bioshock Infinite, the review system managed to achieve a more than playable frame-rate but almost ran at half the performance of the GTX 970M. This is a surprising revelation as I expected the gap to be around 20-30 frames-per-second. Nevertheless, it’s a great result for a slim laptop just over the £1000 mark.

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John Williamson

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