No Lootboxes or Switch Version for Fallout 76 Confirms Bethesda

Sorry Nintendo Switch Users

Although Bethesda has managed to port Doom, Wolfenstein II and Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, Fallout 76 will not be on the handheld device. Bethesda executive Pete Hines has confirmed (via GameSpot) that it is simply “not doable”. Fallout 76 is of course an ambitious online multiplayer game set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe.

Hines was also quick to point out that they always consider a Switch port. Not because it is a mandate, but because it is a “viable platform.” He adds that ultimately, the company allows the various dev teams to decide what is best for their project. So if creating a Switch version means compromising a lot of Fallout 76’s features, they will not make the port.

What About the Lootbox Issue?

Another lingering concern about Fallout 76 has to do with lootboxes. This is unnavoidable considering many online games, especially persistent ones employ some sort of similar feature. Now the company has confirmed that while there are microtransactions, it will only be for cosmetics.

Real life money can be used to purchase the currency (called ‘Atom’) for buying these cosmetics. However, there are no gameplay advantages inherent with each over what you cannot get in the game.

At this time, Bethesda has not revealed how much and what Atom packages are going to be available for purchase.

Ron Perillo

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