Nvidia 40XX 12VHPWR Adapters WILL NOT Blow Up Your PSU! – Video

Earlier this month, information appeared online from the PCI-SIG (effectively the I/O hardware cabling regulator) expressing concerns over the use of the 12VHPWR adaptor. – For those of you unaware, these are convertors designed to adapt original 8-pin (6+2) PCIe cables (traditionally used in graphics cards for nearly the last 20 years) into the new 12-pin standard seen on the Nvidia 40XX series of GPUs (and a small number of high-end 30XX models).

In simple terms, they’re for use by people who do not yet have a PCIe Gen5 compatible/compliant power supply but require the 12-pin connection for their new graphics card.

The initial report, however, quickly led to some subsequent speculation (and supposed examples) of consumers stating that the 12VHPWR adaptor had, in very blunt terms, caused their power supply to blow up! – With this in mind, therefore, we decided to do some digging and in conversations with Corsair’s ‘JonnyGURU’, it seems that, in something that will certainly not represent the first time this has happened, the hyperbole has mostly buried the significantly (and arguably less interesting) truth of the matter.

Put simply, it is incredibly unlikely that the 12VHPWR will have any negative effect on your system, power supply, graphics card, or, basically, anything!

Nvidia 40XX 12VHPWR Adapter Users – Don’t Believe the Hype!

According to ‘JonnyGURU’, the initial report from the PCI-SIG was predominantly misunderstood leading many to incorrectly latch onto some of the more, metaphorically speaking, explosive aspects of it. – As part of the initial documentation, the PCI-SIG noted that significant thermal variance was noted in the 12VHPWR adator. What most sources didn’t elaborate on, however, was this was only found under very specific circumstances, and, basically, only when the cable was bent to what could only be called an extreme angle. And even then, other factors had to come into play before any real issue was noted.

While this was all in the report, the bottom line is that only the broadstroke headlines were largely picked apart from it. – As the old expression goes though, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Where Can I Learn More?

To get a better understand of the entire situation and what the actual facts of the matter are, we strongly recommend you check out the video above where Andy and JonnyGuru go through all of what’s been said recently on the subject of 12VHPWR adapters, and, basically, do a deep dive into what’s true, what’s inaccurate, and what is outright false!

No, it might not be as exciting or clickbaity as to tell you that using the adaptors might blow up your power supply or Nvidia 40XX graphics card, but if you want the truth, this is it! – And may we express our thanks to JohnnyGURU for helping us all understand this better!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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