Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Tournament Edition Review

/ 3 weeks ago

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A Closer Look

Those familiar with the Razer product range will find the new keyboard looks fairly familiar. Of course, that’s fine as it’s keeping that brand design that’s familiar for fans, new and old. The matte black finish looks stunning, giving it a premium look.

The keyboard is a TKL design, but to keep things slimmer, the chassis is quite slim too. There’s a slight wedge shape to the keyboard, giving the keys a more comfortable typing angle, but you can increase that with the pop-up feet too.

Tucked below the keyboard, a small Razer logo. Other than that, the keyboard lacks a lot of branding and I like that they’ve chosen to keep that to a minimum, as it gives the keyboard a cleaner look.

There are on-board audio controls on the F1-F3 keys; you’ll need to use the Fn-Shift key to access them.

On F5-F7 you have basic music navigation controls too; these are perfect for skipping through your playlist while gaming.

F9 features an on-the-fly Macro recording mode, which is great for setting tasks while playing MMO and MOBA games. The F10 is Gaming Mode, which disables things like the Windows key. Finally, F11 and 12 have the backlighting brightness master controls, which go from 0% up to 100%.

As I said, this is a TKL keyboard, so it doesn’t use a numberpad. This is a subjective thing, I personally use my numberpad a lot and can’t really do without it. However, the extra desktop space it frees up for the mouse is a welcome advantage, and it makes the keyboard small enough to fit in a standard backpack.

Tucked around the back, there’s just a single micro-USB port. You can use the included cable, or your own if you desire.

The base of the keyboard has five rubber grips, which will keep the keyboard firmly planted on your desktop. That being said, the keyboard is quite heavy anyway, so even mashing at the keys won’t cause it to slide around.

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