Rumors Point to AMD Vega Launch Supply Issues

/ 8 months ago

AMD Vega

AMD Vega might be coming, but a significant shortfall in supply might hamper initial supply. A source reveals less than 16,000 cards are expected to be ready for the first few months.

Ryzen is coming, a phrase that went so viral that even people who didn’t have a clue what it meant could be heard muttering it. Well now, Vega is coming. However, a significant supply issue may mean that the release will be more of a whimper than a shout.

So, what’s gone wrong?, AMD Vega is coming, right?

Yes, Vega is most definitely coming. However unconfirmed reports have suggested that low quantity of HBM2 memory might be to blame. HBM2 is the revolutionary memory corner-stone of the AMD Vega card. It is promising to be the most stable memory AMD have ever supplied. A mouth-watering prospect for those looking to make a Ryzen/Vega overclocking build. The downside appears to be that it’s either hard to make or hard to get.

I’m planning an all AMD build, Should I be worried?

Probably not, AMD should be though. Following the success in Ryzen both the company, and its supporters are keen to see the brand grow. Through 10 years of losing market share to Intel or Nvidia, AMD was surely starting to move in the right direction. The thought of an all AMD build, with Vega and Ryzen, was looking to be a genuine contender to Intel and Nvidia. While AMD Vega is not expected to outperform the Nvidia 1080, it should provide a more cost-effective competition. In unconfirmed benchmark testing, the Vega is set to out-perform the 1070. It still seemingly lacks the punch of the Nvidia 1080+ cards. However, a far more attractive price is surely going to make this a tempting proposition to those on team green which might be a little strapped for cash.

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As an AMD owner myself, I am looking for my next build to be an all AMD affair. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m an AMD fanboy as 4 of my last six graphics cards were Nvidia. However, AMD does for the moment, appear to be the company that is trying the hardest to please its fans. The last thing I would want to see is AMD messing up all the good work they have done by undersupplying at launch; this isn’t Nintendo, no false demand is necessary here.

So, Vega is coming, and we’re soon going to see some of those fantastic AMD Ryzen/Vega builds. However, if you’re planning on making one yourself, you might need to have a little patience, as it might be a little while before you get one on your hands.

In the meantime, click here to read here what we know about the AMD Vega so far.

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