Samsung to Fix (the Still Unconfirmed) 990 PRO SSD Health Bug!

Ever since late last year, a growing number of concerns have been raised surrounding the overall durability of the Samsung 990 PRO SSD. – Representing one of the faster (if not fastest) solid state drive storage devices currently available on the market, the key concern was that its overall ‘health’ would deteriorate at a disturbingly quick rate.

Some reports even went as far as suggest it was losing, according to Samsung’s own health check program, 1% of life every single day!

The issue is that, to date, and despite a growing number of user reports, Samsung has still yet to confirm that any bug exists within the 990 PRO SSD. – Following a report via TechRadar, however, it seems that regardless of this fault actually (yet) being official, Samsung might be preparing a firmware update to resolve the problem!

Samsung 990 PRO SSD – Health Fix Incoming!

Having a supremely fast SSD is, of course, a nice thing. As with all SSD storage devices, however, they do typically tend to have a finite lifespan. Unlike an HDD which will eventually die to a mechanical failure, an SSD (in very basic terms) accumulates bad clusters depending on how much data is written and re-written on it. – With that being said, however, it would appear that at least some Samsung 990 PRO devices are losing their overall ‘health’ at a rate which almost matches its speed!

Again though, despite a lot of information in support of this, Samsung still officially denies it. Or do they? Well, comments from one of their forum managers appear to speak to the contrary. Well, they do at least seem willing to acknowledge it at least!

“The behavior has already reached the colleagues from the development department. The suspicious symptoms are currently being investigated and you will be informed if there is any progress. If you experience any inconvenience while using the Samsung 990 PRO, we apologize.”

No, not an outright admission, but it’s a start. Don’t be surprised though if, for reasons unclear, Samsung decides to release a new firmware update for its 990 PRO SSD in the next couple of weeks.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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