TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Review

File Copy to the NAS

This test quite simply puts a copy of a single large file from the test system onto the NAS. The single write has a 1.4 GB file size in 64 kb blocks.

File Copy from the NAS

File Copy from NAS works in the same way as the previous test, just in the opposite direction. The single read has a 1.4 GB file size in 64 kb blocks.

Directory Copy to the NAS

The Directory Copy test copies an entire directory of complex files to the NAS. The file sizes vary a lot with an average size of 41.4kb. The test is made up of 2833 files that take up 247MB. This represents the content of a typical commercially available office suite. Due to the varying sizes of the files, only around 50% of the writes are sequential.

Directory Copy from the NAS

In the same way that the File Copy from NAS traces the same file back across to the test system, the directory copy from NAS does the same but to the entire directory that it copied across previously.

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Bohs Hansen

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