Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

/ 2 years ago

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Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The mechanical keyboard market is hardly short on choice, with a huge number of brands providing a massive range of keyboards for work and gaming, with various switch types, sizes, lighting effects and more. These days, many keyboards have to offer something unique to stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what the new Gram Spectrum from Tesoro promises to do. Featuring a super low-profile design, the Gram looks set to be a great keyboard for gamers, with fast and light switches combined with low-profile key caps and a low-profile chassis, allowing for super fast actuation times that could give you the edge on the digital battlefield.

“The rapid reacting Tesoro AGILE key switch offers optimized keystroke, fast response and accurate actuation. Housed in a semi-translucent for optimal transparency and capped with a low-profile key, the Agile switch has a total travel distance of 3.5mm and an actuation of 1.5 mm, and a tactile level of 3 making the GRAM Spectrum the fastest yet tactile low-profile key switch.”

Equipped with a slick low-profile design, fully mechanical switches (Kailh), a powerful onboard CPU to ensure lag-free input and lighting effects, onboard memory for macros and fully programmable keys, N-Key/6-Key rollover, on-the-fly recording and RGB lighting effects, this is one very well equipped keyboard!

  • TESORO AGILE Mechanical Switch
  • Optimized Low-profile Design
  • 60 Million Reliable Keystrokes
  • 16.8 Million Customizable Lighting
  • 32bit ARM Cortex Processor
  • 1000 Hz Ultra Polling Rate
  • 512KB Onboard Memory
  • All Keys Fully Programmable
  • Full N-Key / 6-Key Rollover Options
  • Instant Macro Recording
  • Versatile Lighting Effects
  • Detachable Braided USB Cable
  • Compatible with Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Check out this short product trailer from Tesoro for a quick look at the many features you’ll find on the Gram

The packaging is nice and simple, with a clear image of the keyboard on the front, as well as some information on the new low-profile switches.


Around the back, a run-down of the main spec, as well as a few more cool images of the keyboard. So let’s stop with the boxes, and get in and take a closer look!


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  1. PlacidDream . says:

    no dedicated media keys.. no thank you.

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