The Elder Scrolls VI – What We Know So Far!

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The Elder Scrolls VI - What We Know So Far!

The Elder Scrolls VI – Updated 18th September (The Most Recent Updates will be in bold italics)

One of the biggest surprise announcements at E3 2018 was The Elder Scrolls VI. While many were plaguing Bethesda to actually make it, very few believed that an announcement would be made any time soon. Particularly since Bethesda had already announced several (and large scale) games in production. They did it though and as such the internet is ablaze with speculation!

As this game is going to be a major release, perhaps the biggest in the franchise to date, we want to keep our fans (and fans of The Elder Scrolls – hopefully, those 2 categories are not too dissimilar) fully up to date. As such, we will regularly be updating this article to reflect any news, updates, announcements, trailers and anything Elder Scrolls VI related.

Consider eTeknix your One Stop Shop for all Elder Scrolls VI news! Well, this article to be specific!

So, What do we Know so Far?

For this, we will break things up into some general categories. You can expect these to be chopped, changed and added to as we get clearer indications and more information about this game. You should, therefore, expect this to be a very fluid article subject to change at any time. We will, however, try to keep things simple so that you don’t get bogged down with too much information.

In addition, we will try and avoid outright speculation where we can. We don’t, after all, want pages and pages of fan theories. At the same though, if there is a logic behind it, we might take a few leaps of imagination.

Known Details About the Game

Very few details are known about The Elder Scrolls VI so far. You will, therefore, have to forgive us here if our brush strokes are a bit wide.

What we do know is that the game is being developed by Bethesda. Well, ok, that is a bit of a no-brainer, but these are details after all. In the grand scheme of things with this game that is about the only concrete indisputable fact we have so far.

What Is It Called?

In a report via PCGamesN, it has been noted that Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax has registered the trademark ‘RedFall’. This trademark has specifically been used and applied for under the terms of it being a video game. Now, this is, of course, entirely speculative. It is, however, entirely possible that this might represent the name of the next Elder Scrolls game.

While you might be thinking that if this was true, the trademark would be ‘The Elder Scrolls: RedFall’, that wouldn’t be the case. All prior games have been trademarked under the new title rather than the title as a whole.

It’s interesting, albeit a bit inconclusive at this stage.


Getting down to some nitty-gritty, from the information released so far, Bethesda has said that there is some evidence to suggest where the latest game might be set. Tamriel is, after all, a big world that we’ve only explored part of.

The best information based on the trailer suggests that The Elder Scrolls VI will likely be set in Highrock, but it could also potentially be Elsweyr. The former has been chosen due to geographical comparisons. The latter, however, is being touted as it is the homeland of the Khajiit (those cat-like creatures) and as such would give the game a very fresh location and a lot of content to explore.

Others, however, suggest that the islands shown in the trailer might mean we’re going to Yokuda. In brief, I think you could make a case for it being almost anywhere in Tamriel.

Speculation and Confirmation!

Todd Howard has confirmed that the location of ES 6 has definitely been confirmed and that it was decided “a while ago”. He has also added that there is definitely enough information within the trailer to figure it out. When asked specifically, he said: “I obviously would say yes. But you can’t – it’s intentionally… You can rule some things out. And you can rule some things in. The first thing we do is the world so we’ve known for a while where it’s set.”

Reddit User Sardren Darksoul has speculated: “I wonder if anyone has brought it up before, but its possible that Elder Scrolls Legends actually points towards TESVI happening in Hammerfell. Basically the “story mode” of Legends is three stories about “The Forgotten Hero,” being told by a mysterious wandering storyteller named Kellen. The latest of the stories “Return to Clockwork City” hinting that he tells those stories after the events of Skyrim.”

It’s certainly an interesting theory that seems to hold water. For the moment though, we’re still awaiting confirmation!

What is the Current State of Development?

This is an easy one. It hasn’t started. The Elder Scrolls VI exists only in pre-production. Bethesda announced at E3 the development of a brand new IP as well as this and several other games. As such, although a new Elder Scrolls is planned, it will take a massive backseat until the new game is near ready to release let alone all the other games currently in various stages of production.

At best, aside from the trailer, The Elder Scrolls VI likely has some concept art, perhaps the rough premise of a story/plot and that’s probably about it. In short, there’s practically nothing ‘down on the paper’ yet.

Teaser Trailer

All we have so far is a teaser and even that doesn’t tease much. Well, except of course that a new game is coming. As above though, Bethesda has said that the trailer isn’t thoughtless. There are supposedly clues to the location within it. You are welcome to watch it below and make your own best guess.

When is it released?

Ok, this is the big question and you’re probably not going to like the answer.

The Elder Scrolls games have historically been huge and ambitious. They also generally tend to pull both of these categories off with massive success. Given that this game has only just entered pre-production we should not expect any release until at least 2023. I know, 5 years away and that’s just my own optimistic opinion. You don’t want to know my pessimistic one.

That will be a bit gut-wrenching to some of you. It isn’t, however, a release (year) we have arrived at without some consideration.

As we mentioned above, this isn’t Bethesda’s only project on the go. With Fallout 76, Rage 2, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, a brand new IP and much, much more in development, The Elder Scrolls VI is at the back of a very long queue. Real work on the game will likely not even start until 2020 and as such, as much as it pains me to say it. This release is a LONG way off.

What do you think?

We are always happy to discuss this with our fans and readers. At this early stage, we are very much in the realms of speculation and feeding off the scraps Bethesda has given us. That is, however, only due to the fact that Bethesda has given us so little and over time we hope to nail down some further solid facts or, at the very least, some good theory.

If you are aware of any news, updates or have any strong theories in regards to the development of the game, let us know in the comments and if we think you’re talking some sense we might even add it here and even give you a mention!

The Elder Scrolls 6

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6 Responses to “The Elder Scrolls VI – What We Know So Far!”
  1. Jayson says:

    I only hope it is not a Massive Multiplayer online game. Give me my single player with sweet upgrading levels.

  2. Chris says:

    You say it’s at the back of a long queue as though they only have one development team available, with the size of Bethesda they have several teams which could be developing this as we speak. There’s room for slightly more optimism, I feel. Also, this article definitely has the feel of ‘trying desperately to reach the word count like…’, please stop repeating yourself and perambulating about the bush, as it were. It would bestow a much more engaging experience.

    • Mike Sanders says:

      They could be, but they’re not and Bethesda has said as much. Bethesda has made it very clear that the new IP they are developing is their TOP priority and that we should not expect any work on TES6 until that’s near finished.

      It’s perhaps not a case of word count and repeating myself so much as thoroughly reading it. If you start with a general statement, you should expect to repeat yourself if you go into it again later in a specific subcategory.

  3. Harry Carmichael says:

    it’s most likely in northern Hammerfell. I don’t know where you got Elsweyr from. the way the sun is setting/ rising, terrain and structures in the teaser trailer point it to be close to the border with high rock. there is also seagulls and in the whole of elder scrolls lore they’ve only ever appeared in Hammerfell

  4. Sam says:

    Rust 2? Do you mean Rage 2?

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