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The PS1 Games Everyone Forgot, But Shouldn’t Have

The PS1 will always be my favourite console. Sure, the hardware wasn’t that powerful, and some of the game’s graphics have aged pretty damn poorly. However, that doesn’t negate the fact the console had one of the richest gaming libraries of any system ever released. Iconic RPGs, superb fighting games, loads of amazing platforms and shooters, and more legendary driving games than even I can be bothered to count. However, while the big hitters are easy to remember, there are a few games that often slip through our memories.

From emulation to classic gaming stores, these games are still out there, and well worthy of your time if you can find them available to play! Here’s the list, in no particular order!


Think Ridge Racer, but faster, darker, meaner, and with a stunning sci-fi aesthetic that made it a four-wheeled alternative to the Wipeout franchise.

Parasite Eve

Take the terrifying monsters of Resident Evil and make them even more disgusting. Throw in some stunning cutscenes (for the time), and some active turn-based combat, and you had one of the most action-packed and terrifying series I’ve ever played.

Action Man Operation Extreme

Nothing about this game should have been good. Toy-based games are usually just a cash-in for sucker parents at Christmas. Fool on you for missing this one though, it was a blast to play as Action Man. You had all the accessories, gadgets, and even the toy vehicles to rip around in too. Think GTA but you play as the good guy.

Fighting Force

Everyone remembers Streets of Rage, right? Well, Fighting Force was the spiritual successor that few seem to recall. It was the same game, but with 3D characters and environments. It was a lot of fun to play too, with much of the magic of the 2D originals, with its own unique spin thrown in.


What a brilliant platformer this both was and still is. Cute graphics, superb gameplay, and a joyous sound track that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. There’s nothing quite like it really, I even think it’s better than the original Ray Man!

Vagrant Story

The art style and gameplay on this game were really setting a high standard for the PS1. Random dungeons, incredible story, challenging active turn-based combat. This was the Dark Souls / Final Fantasy hybrid you never knew you wanted. Frankly, working out why this hasn’t been remastered is something that may keep me up at night.

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Peter Donnell

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