Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 550w Power Supply Review


The exterior packaging carries all the usual branding you would associate with Thermaltake. The red and black design has become (by design or accident) their very distinctive branding style and, in all honestly, works really well to make the product stand out.

The front of the packaging shows you a nice clear image of the power supply with all the RGB lighting in effect! You are, additionally, given all the key features of the PSU. In terms of information, it tells you everything you could want to know at a glance!

If the front is rather basic in terms of the details, then the rear is absolutely crammed full of useful information. You are provided with the cabling details (with visual diagrams), the power output across the various rails and also the efficiency charts.

It’s all nice and clearly presented, but in a nutshell, it’s great to see Thermaltake put in the effort to provide a lot of technical specifications in a nice, easy to read, manner.

In terms of accessories, what you have is rather basic. You are provided with a product manual, the warranty information and a power cable which will, of course, be specific to your region.

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Mike Sanders

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