Unity 5 Now Supports Stunning EISKO Character Physically-Based Shading

/ 2 years ago


EISKO has announced the release of a new addition for Unity 5, a Character Physically-Based Shaders (CPBS) package on the Unity Asset Store, which give developers access to high performance tools for creating realistic and lifelike human characters with skin that reacts to environmental lighting.

The new CPBS package gives rendered human skin a realistic translucent quality for soft light reflection, seamlessly blends facial expression transition, and mimics skin elasticity, all at 60fps. Also included in the package is a dedicated eye shader with fully customisable iris and sclera controls, plus shaders for teeth, clothing, and eyelashes.

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The PCBS can account for diffuse, specular intensity and roughness, displacement, and high-frequency normal maps, allowing integration of microstructure details, tessellation, and screen-based SSS and ambient occlusion, all fully compatible with Unity 5’s new global animation.

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