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XPG CYBERCORE II 1000W Platinum Power Supply Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I couldn’t see UK retail stock at any of our preferred retailers, with the only listing being on Ullakulla, which I’ve never heard of before. However, they do have the unit listed at just £232.29 which seems way too high for me, as that’s around £50-100 higher than similarly equipped models from Corsair, Antec, Kolink, and many others so I won’t link it here. Overall, I would assume this unit to be much lower than that when stock is available, so check with your retailer of choice, as stock can change very quickly.


XPG make some great power supplies, and we gave them a Best of Comptux award for their mighty Fusion Titanium PSU, which is a total monster and we will have it on the test bench very soon. However, it’s great to see that their attention to quality components and exceptional performance is still available on significantly more affordable models such as the XPG CYBERCORE II.

The choice of components speaks for itself here, with all Japanese capacitors throughout. They’re all high-performance parts, rated for 105c, and intensive workloads. So I have confidence in its ability to sustain high loads for long periods of time. The addition of the Interleaved PFC design is great too, this active solution delivered some of the best PFC results I’ve seen to date, and the modern PFC hardware is both more compact and efficient than most, meaning less heat and better power delivery too. Speaking of heat, I never got the impression this PSU got even warm, and with that completely overpowered fan there to protect it, I doubt it ever will.

1000W used to be regarded as quite a lot, but in 2023, it’s pretty standard for a high-end gaming PC. With the 12VHPWR able to deliver 600W alone, albeit even the RTX 4090 doesn’t use much more than about 330W of that right now, and high-end CPUs like the 13900K able to use another 250W, it’s easy to see how things can add up rather quickly. Just keep in mind the Cybercore II only has one 12VHPWR connector, so if you’re looking to run two cards, such as the RTX6000 workstation cards, you would need to use the PCIE 6+2 to 12VHPWR adaptors for the second one.

I would have liked to see the OPP go a little further than 1100W before it kicked in, but really, if you’re running your PSU at 100% all the time, you may want to aim for a more potent model anyway to deal with both power spikes and future hardware additions.

While XPG is proud to point out this PSU has “8 industrial protections” I would like to point out that most good quality brand name PSUs have them anyway these days, they’re pretty much a given, but alas, it’s always welcome to see them to ensure your PSU and more importantly, the hardware that’s connected to it, are well protected. I also appreciate that they’ve given this PSU a whopping 10-year warranty, which should more than cover the time you own it before replacing it with something else.

Should I Buy One?

With a surprisingly compact design, fully modular cables, and support for the latest ATX 3.0 standards, and both an 80 Plus Platinum and Cybernetics Platinum efficiency, the XPG CyberCore II 1000W Platinum PSU delivers constant performance, stability and it runs impressively quiet too, making it an ideal choice for most high-end gaming systems.

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