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YouTube Starts Purge of 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Videos

So, at the risk of bringing this rumor to your attention, if you’re been looking to pass your Coronavirus self-isolation time on the internet, the chances are that you’d come across a rather (and let’s be charitable here) bizarre conspiracy theory on how COVID-19 is being spread. Specifically, that 5G networks are a contributing factor in how the virus is being passed.

At the risk of this also needed to be said, the conspiracy theory is entirely ridiculous. And, at the risk of offending some of you, if you believe it you’re a moron! #SorryNotSorry

This conspiracy theory has, however, and unfortunately, led to some people deliberately attempting to disable phone signal towers. In the last week, we’ve already seen at least two incidents being reported in the UK.

In looking to tackle the spread of misinformation on its platform, however, YouTube is applying a bit of a 5G purge!

YouTube Begins Coronavirus 5G Fake News Purge

In a report via Engadget, YouTube has reportedly begun removing any videos on its platform that attempt to give credence to the 5G COVID-19 conspiracy theory. While this might (if not likely) see more than a few legitimate content creators (quite rightly mocking it) having their videos also removed, the remit is pretty straight forward. If you attempt to pass this rumor on, your video is likely going to get pulled!

This isn’t, however, where the purge ends…

5G Content Being Suppressed

In what is likely an attempt to stop people attempting to bypass the purge via alternative means, YouTube has also confirmed that videos even merely discussing 5G will, at least temporarily, be ‘suppressed’ on the platform.

It’s sad that they’ve had to do this, but honestly, we think it’s probably the smart move. I honestly suspect that a lot of the videos on the subject are created and produced in an entirely jocular manner. You know, something similar to the ‘Flat Earth’ theory. Like that theory, however, there are still some people out there who believe it to be true!

As such, it sucks that YouTube has had to do this. From my perspective though, if some nutters out there are going to damage phone towers, it’s probably the sensible move!

What do you think? Do you believe in this theory? If so, please don’t bother telling us why in the comments 😀

Mike Sanders

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