AKASO V50 Pro 4K Action Camera Review

A Closer Look – Packaging

In terms of presentation, theAKASO V50 Pro has a nice strong aesthetic. The design of the packaging provides you with a nice clear visible view of the camera as well as its main features. It’s a little unusual to see an action camera go for a relatively low-key setting in colours, it does, however, make it look a bit more ‘grown-up’ than many of its rival brands.

This looks like an action camera for adults rather than a toy for kids.

The information provided on it is excellent. While it doesn’t go into huge levels of detail, it does tell you everything you could want to know at a glance. This includes the specification and all of the products key features.

As above, although this isn’t entirely uncommon for action cameras, it is nice to have the camera itself in a little plastic window. It really goes to highlight the design features and particularly just how small the camera actually is. In addition, you also get to check out the touch-screen LED to the back with is surprisingly large at 2″.

Out Of The Box!

If you’ve ever unboxed an action camera, you’ll be fully aware of the number of parts and accessories that are included and the AKASO V50 Pro is no exception.

You are provided with mounts, straps and fixtures to pretty much ensure you can hook your AKASO V50 Pro up to anything and everything. In terms of information, while you are provided with a ‘quick reference guide’, it isn’t particularly detailed. Sadly, you are not given a full manual and that is a little disappointing. One is, of course though, available via the official website.

The Camera

Upon detaching the AKASO V50 Pro from its boxed mount, you will notice that it is contained within the waterproof casing. As the camera is rated to work underwater (up to 131 foot) it clearly needs to be rather substantial. The good is that it’s really well put together!

The casing includes two push buttons at the top to ensure you can operate it while in the enclosure. There is, of course, always the remote control albeit there is something of a caveat there with underwater usage (more on that later).

The case detaches by a single (but sturdy) clip to the top. From that you can access the camera presuming that you want to use it without the cover. In truth, the use of the cover is entirely optional, but strongly recommended for that extra level of protection it offers.

Up Close With The Camera!

The AKASO V50 Pro is both remarkable small and lightweight, which I suppose is more than a little useful for an action camera. The overall design is remarkably simplistic and has clearly been designed with a lot of intuitive features.

The colour coded buttons at the top only really have two functions. Blue cycles between camera and video mode while red is the stop/start for capture/recording.

While one side of the camera has the battery compartment, the other holds all of the connections. These again are kept rather simple with the USB inputs and an SD memory card slot. Sadly, an SD card isn’t included and in truth, I really wish they were with such products. You could easily buy this and then find it practically useless because you either don’t have an SD card or, at least, one that’s not already being used.


The rear display has is a 2-inch touch screen design. It responds well to your inputs and the menu is relatively easy to navigate. It did take me some time to find how to change the video resolution, but on the whole, this shouldn’t pose any problems even if you’re brand new to action cameras.

The screen quality is surprisingly sharp and clear and easily tells you at a glance exactly what’s going on. Be it battery life, recording time, function or the settings, everything is nice and clearly visible at a glance.

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Mike Sanders

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