AKASO V50 Pro 4K Action Camera Review

Getting To Grips!

Having an action camera like this, functionality is a key point in how effective a product it will be for you. As such, let’s take a close look at the product in terms of how easy it is to use and, of course, if it’s actually good at its job!

How Does It Handle? – Ergonomics!

With it’s lightweight and small size, the AKASO V50 Pro is very easy to handle. It’s a cliched expression, but it can literally sit in the palm of your hand. Despite the lightweight design, however, it doesn’t feel cheap or insubstantial. It feels built to last and that’s more than a little reassuring with a product that might take some punishment.

The camera comes with a number of different video settings depending on what kind of quality you want to record in. These can be easily controlled and accessed via the menu and touch screen.

Remote Control

In my opinion, one of the single biggest perks of this action camera is the remote control. When using such a device, it’s often strapped to your head or chest (or various other appendages or products) and as such, you can’t really get a good look at what you’re doing. Specifically, to make sure you’ve pressed the right button and, you know, actually are recording!

Rather than a remote control like you’d use for a TV, however, AKASO has bumped this idea up to a full-blown wrist accessory.

Like the camera itself, the design is very simplistic. You have a button to turn it on and off, one to start/stop video recording and one to capture a still image. Did you really need any more functions? I don’t think so. With each operation resulting in a ‘beep’, you also get to know that it has actually worked!

There are, however, two important factors to know about this. Firstly, it’s not waterproof. As such, you can’t use this for any underwater filming. Well… you can, but the watch/remote can’t be submerged. Additionally, the strap to the watch isn’t very big. In fact, it always feels like it’s been designed for a child. Although I could fit it to my wrist, it was only 2-3 notches in from the end and even then, in truth, felt a little uncomfortable with its plastic strap.

Did it work though? Absolutely! Was it any good? Yes!


Another key issue with many action cameras is poor battery life. While the AKASO isn’t notably great in this area (particularly when recording video) there is a hugely positive factor. Namely, that you are provided with two batteries! One to use and one to charge and/or have in preparation!

This does, however, get even better. Being provided with a charging hub (powered by a standard USB cable (provided) you can easily make sure your batteries are neat, tidy, organised and ready to go when you want them!

Wireless Connectivity

With built-in WIFI, the AKASO V50 Pro means that physically connecting your camera to a PC or laptop is not necessarily. Admittedly, I always find this method a bit more convenient and you can via the aforementioned USB cable provided. For those of you ‘on the go’, however, the ability to instantly upload your videos to all major social media platforms is surely going to be a huge plus for this action camera.

Wide Angle Lens

The AKASO V50 Pro comes with a wide-angle lens covering a reported range of 170 degrees. Having used it, the functionality is very good with a surprisingly minimal amount of ‘fish-eye’ for such a large capture area.

It would, therefore, perhaps also make the camera highly useful as doubling up as a dashcam for your car. Think about it too, with that remote control you could manually record or take snapshots on your travels without having to fumble around your rearview mirror.

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Mike Sanders

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