AKASO V50 Pro 4K Action Camera Review


So, on the surface, the AKASO V50 Pro seems like an excellent action camera. If anything, one more designed for serious usage rather than as a play toy. Just how good is it though? Well, let’s go outside and find out!

Camera – Pictures!

Although this is an action camera, it does have a feature for still image taking and with a 20mp capacity should, in theory, be pretty good! Well, the short answer is, while not perfect or fantastic, it’s much better than you might expect.

Like many cameras, light and subject is generally the friend or enemy. In medium/good light, the AKASO V50 Pro can take a surprisingly good picture. If the sun does, however, get in the way, some of the detail can get a little whitewashed through overexposure. As you might expect, it doesn’t carry many features to help you fix that either.

With a 170 degree viewing angle, it does also have a tendency to ‘fish-eye’ which is in fairness entirely to be expected. In terms of quality, however, there are some surprising points.

As can be seen in the image above and below, the AKASO V50 Pro does struggle to focus at close range. The detail in the surrounding areas, however, is surprisingly excellent.

Yes, you’re not going to buy this camera to take your holiday snapshots with. At the same time, however, it is still a more than competent means of taking generic still images.


For testing the video quality, we ideally wanted some comparative results to adjudge just how good (or bad) the varying camera quality settings are. We, therefore, choose 5 of the setting an ‘average’ user would be most likely to use and set it up to record some moving objects. Namely, the traffic!

4K Video @ 30 FPS

Being the most powerful setting offered by the camera, it seemed logical to immediately dive into the 4K setting. In the past, we have often found the 4K settings on such action cameras to be mostly talk and little performance. The AKASO V50 Pro, however, is surprisingly good. The quality and image sharpness are really decent and for once, I’m willing to say that this really is a genuine 4K recording device.

2.7K @ 30 FPS

Given how excellent the 4K recording option was, the 2.7k offered does seem a little redundant. Don’t forget, however, that a lower resolution will mean a smaller video size which, by proxy, will mean you can fit more video on your SD card. As such, for best quality and recording duration, 2.7k is an excellent compromise option.

1080p @ 60 FPS

Having reviewed a number of 4K action cameras in the past, I have nearly always found that the 1080p setting is where the camera is most happy. While there are clear benefits seem from the higher frame rate (and smaller video size) I’d say that this is in overall terms, it’s hard to pick if this is honestly better than the 4K. They’re both excellent, just in different ways and for differing reasons.

720p @ 120 FPS

Offering the highest frame rate available on the camera, the 720p clearly gives a drop in the camera quality. You can, however, clearly see that huge framerate in action in the video. Everything is massively smoother and, as such, if you were looking in your video editor for those super slow-motion moments, this setting would be ideal.

720p @ 60 FPS

As the base setting for the camera, the clear focus here is on recording length. I used a 32GB SD-card and could record around 7-10 hours of footage in this mode. Even then, however, the quality is still more than good enough albeit, clearly not as impressive as the higher settings.

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Mike Sanders

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