Apple iPhone 11 Found To Contain a Long-Term Battery Strategy

Despite there seeming to be a huge drop in demand for the more recent Apple releases, it seems that the newly launched iPhone 11 is (so far) doing alright! Following its launch last Friday, while queues were not exactly extending for miles, pretty substantial numbers of people were willing to line-up to get the latest Apple smartphone. It was, if we’re being honest, more than a little surprising.

Without a doubt, one of the most ‘talked about’ aspects of the phone, other than the triple camera design, however, was the battery. Specifically, whether Apple was going to do anything to try and improve it. Following the release of a ‘tear down’ video, we did at least find out that the iPhone Pro Max model did contain a 25% larger battery. One that, in theory, could make it last around 30% longer than the prior XS models.

In a report via Engadget, however, delving into the depths of the new smartphone, it has been found that Apple has included both new hardware and software to the iPhone 11. Designs that will, ultimately, look the make the battery last much longer. This is, however, more towards a term view.

Apple iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 features an ‘always on’ power optimization feature. This isn’t, however, to make sure that your phone can last a couple more hours between charges. Instead, it has been designed to try and ensure that your battery remains healthy for as long as possible.

This may, of course, be a response to the controversy seen back in 2017. You may recall that Apple was found to be very deliberately throttling the performance of older phones. This was under the guise of ‘making the batteries last longer‘. Most, however, felt that it was simply a means of making their newer phones look faster. You can make your own mind up on this one.

With this new technology, however, the main concept is that (in theory) your phone should (all going well) perform as well now as it does a few years down the road.

Admittedly, iPhone 11’s are not cheap. Even the most basic model will set you back the best part of £800. Despite this, however, it seems that some people at least are hyped for this release. If Apple has finally decided to really start looking to ensure their long-term battery life, this may be a more than solid option for the medium to long term.

What do you think? Are you interested in getting the Apple iPhone 11? If so, which model most has your attention? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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