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ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II Laptop Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

3DMark Firestrike

With this laptop having such an impressive specification, we did expect some pretty decent results and in many regards it did not disappoint. While the processor used is very similar (or identical) to those seen in many of the prior laptops we have reviewed, it seems that the power of the Nvidia 2070 does creep this into a higher tier of competition.

Unigine Superposition 1080p Extreme

With Unigine Superposition putting more of a focus on the graphical performance, it was pretty much guaranteed that this would provide excellent results and the benchmarks don’t lie. It does, if nothing else, highlight the difference between the 1070 and 2070 in terms of comparative performance.

PCMark 10

We must admit that the PCMark 10 scoring was well below our expectations. While this is a test that is far more processor intensive, it does still sit around the other scores achieved by Intel 8750H processors. During testing, however, (which we ran 3 times to confirm scoring) it did seem to provide a score much lower than expected.

As above, still within the remits, but perhaps something was holding it back (that we were not aware of) in this particular test.

WPrime 32m and 1024m

With WPrime providing another CPU intensive testing, fortunately the results do pick up from those seen in PCMark. This, as we might have expected, finds itself near to the top of the table again. While the 32m scoring it a little higher than usual, the 1024m turns this around to make it one of the fastest we have tested.

Cinibench R15

Testing both single and multiple core image rendering, the Intel 8750H again proves that it is something of a beast when it comes to processing performance. While again the score isn’t as fast as we have seen from other laptops, it’s still impressively high.

Handbrake MP4 to MKV Conversion 4K

While testing video conversion speeds, the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II was surprisingly quick. While you clearly wouldn’t prioritise a laptop for video rendering/conversion, achieving 37.4 frames per second is a speed not to be sniffed at either.

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Mike Sanders

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