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Creative SXFI Wireless Theater Headphones Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Creative SXFI Theater Headphones are available directly from Creative for a very reasonable here. That’s down from their MSRP of £189.99, which I still think is great value. Keep in mind, the SXFI amp is around £90-100 on its own. Plus, you’re getting some truly fantastic headphones, wireless technology, a detachable microphone, massive battery life, etc, for an extra £70? That’s a bargain all day long!

Check them out here.


Creative is one of the oldest and most respected names in PC audio for the last few decades, and well, even longer than that. They did slip a little into the shadows for a few years though as the PC gaming scene developed. However, in recent years, they came back with a blinding range of products that reminded us they’re still the best in the business. The Katana, SXFI, Air, BlasterX, a range of amps and DACS, and we’ve loved them all.

Build Quality

Creative hasn’t gone too crazy on this one, they’re not for travelling with but rather for home use. I prefer my in-ear headphones while I’m out and about anyway. The ear cups don’t fold in or rotate or anything like that. It’s just meant to live on your headset stand. As such, the headset feels lighter than many rivals, which makes it even better for those long movie, music and gaming sessions.

The addition of the wireless microphone, USB Type-C connectivity, etc, all certainly help it too.


The one firm thing you need to remember with these headphones is that you WILL need the app at least once. This is on Android or iOS and must be used to sign in to your profile, take pictures of your ears/head, and upload them. Once that’s done, the profile saves directly to the headphones though and you may never need it again. However, their Windows software offers up a more in-depth EQ feature that I highly recommend too!

Should I Buy Them?

While it may seem like a big investment, I really do think the Theater is excellent value for money. It’s less than your typical Bose, Beats, Sony, Sennheiser wireless models yet offers so much more. All this processing, the fantastic software, the powerful EQ, the flawless wireless performance, the great quality microphone, the subtle RGB lighting, the idea of adding a TV hub… The list goes on, and I can honestly say, this headset is the one I’ll be keeping for a very long time.

Creative SXFI Wireless Theater Headphones Review

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Peter Donnell

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