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DeepCool PX1200G ATX 3.0 Gold Power Supply Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The DeepCool PX1200G ATX 3.0 Gold Power Supply is priced at £179.99 on Amazon, which is actually a fairly decent price given this is a powerful unit, and it has a shorter length than many PSUs of this output at just 160mm, so it’ll have impressive compatibility. It’s about the same price as similarly equipped models from the likes of Seasonic, Thermaltake and Corsair, so nothing overly surprising to take away from that really.


This is an interesting power supply, as it’s plenty powerful and can deliver big wattages at a competitive price. However, I just don’t think it quite meets the standards set by the competition. This is interesting, as the interior design is clearly mostly identical to that of the Silverstone DA1000R, but with a few capacitors swapped out to deal with the higher wattages. The Silverstone performed a little bit better, but with less noise on the 12v, 3.3v and 5vsb, so I suspect the double capacitor design of the PX1200G is to blame there.

While Silverstone ran a similar platform for 1000W, it required very little cooling, with zero RPM fan mode retained until 60% load, and only 876 RPM at maximum load. Meanwhile, the 1200W from Deepcool only worked with a zero RPM fan below 40% load, and the fan was maxing out around 1500-1700 RPM to keep it cool, not that it ran particularly hot, but just seemed to be a little too proactive with its fan curve.

The build quality is excellent though, with 100% Japanese capacitors throughout, and the overall construction is fantastic on the interior, with thick gauge wiring, robust-looking solder, and a good overall layout that’s beneficial to airflow and cooling.

I love that it’s fully modular too, and little details like the DeepCool logo colour-matched power button and 12VHPWR connector look pretty cool too. There’s no big branding sticker on the side either, which is a nice change from what we usually see, and I like small details like that.

Should I Buy One?

Overall, this is a very good power supply, and while it does have some higher ripple than the competition on the 12V rail, it’s not so high that I think it’s cause for concern, but there’s still room for improvement regardless. The fan spins a little fast but surprisingly didn’t seem all that loud despite the over-active cooling, and the PSU was even that warm anyway. But if you want a compact ATX PSU that can drive big wattages to deal with the 600W 12VHPWR and still have enough juice to power some of the latest flagship CPUs, it’s a good choice for a gaming system that you plan to max out on a daily basis.

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