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DeepCool PX1200G ATX 3.0 Gold Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Internal

The fan is the HA13525H12SF-Z, which is pretty much the most commonly used fan in a decent PSU these days, so really can’t complain about that, it’s 135mm and we know it to be good.

The fan is connected to a small daughter board on the PSU interior, which has a standard 3-pin connector, and next to it is a switch for the hybrid fan control, there’s even an unused 5-pin RGB connector too, which is likely just used for other models.

The interior of this power supply looks great, if somewhat familiar.

The picture above is the DeepCool 1200W and the picture below is the Silverstone 1000W I reviewed recently, and largely they look extremely similar, with a change to the capacitors seeming to be the only difference to deal with their different capacities.

It being based around the same hardware is not a bad thing though, as this is a really nicely built PSU, with a very good-looking AC line-in and filtering stage, and plenty of shielding where it matters.

There are a number of daughterboards on the main motherboard, with some huge contacts and thick gauge wiring that looks much more robust than what I usually see.

There’s another board behind that, offering up the coils for the 3.3v and 5v conversion. All these vertical boards make it so much easier for airflow throughout the PSU.

There are two main bulk capacitors in this power supply, helping it reach the massive 1200W output. They’re 420v and 450v rated at 470 uF and 680 uF. All the capacitors are high-quality Japanese capacitors too, which is great to see.

There are some mid-size capacitors here too, such as these 16v 2200 uF.

Two more on the side, which are 16v 3300 uF.

And even on the connector board, there are two longer ones stuffed in there too, which is uncommon, but unfortunately, I cannot see their rating.

There are three small aluminium heatsinks in the mid-section too, covering the PFC MOSFETs, and the AC/DC rectifiers.

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