New Screenshots and Gameplay Footage from Ni No Kuni II

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Ni No Kuni II

Ni No Kuni II

If you were to ask around the eTeknix offices what our most anticipated game was (except Final Fantasy XV on the PC) Ni No Kuni II would probably be top of the list.

Since we first reviewed Ni No Kuni, it’s a game franchise we have loved dearly. At the time, we must confess, we did not expect it to lead into a sequel. Sure, we hoped so, but it wasn’t expected.

Therefore, until Ni No Kuni II is actually released, we are eating up every scrap we can get from this title.

In regards to the release, we, unfortunately, heard that the game had been pushed back (again) until March 2018. On the positive side, this delay is apparently to polish the game even further, so, at present, we forgive you Bandai Namco, but you can only tease us with these gorgeous screenshots and game footage releases for so long!

Ni No Kuni II

Screenshots and Gameplay footage

The screenshots release via DSOGaming, look very impressive. Ni No Kuni II is shaping up to be everything we hoped it would. Surprisingly though, there does appear to be a new feature in the game that we were not expecting.

Although we can of course not confirm this, it would appear that a ‘town-building’ aspect may be being introduced to the game. Now, this isn’t exactly a new thing. In fact, some of the Fire Emblem games have had a very deep town mode. It is, however, something new.

As for the in-game footage, we have found what is claimed to be exclusive in-game footage showcasing the new battle mode. This again looks absolutely fantastic and perhaps a stark improvement on where the original game was left wanting a little.

Ni No Kuni II is scheduled for release on March 23rd 2018.

What do you think? Are you excited for Ni No Kuni II? – Let us know in the comments!

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