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SilentiumPC Fortis 3 EVO ARGB Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing, the SilentiumPC Fortis 3 EVO ARGB can be purchased for a price in the region of £49.99. Based on other coolers released by them, we honestly semi-hoped that this might have been a little less expensive as, at this figure, it does err towards the slightly more expensive end of air coolers. While clearly not as expensive as a lot of its similar competition, it’s hard to argue that this is particularly well placed and, as such, it will likely find itself swamped out in what is already a congested market.


Despite its apparently hefty size, it wouldn’t be honest of me if I didn’t note that it’s temperature control performance is a little lower than we were hoping. That being said though, it should be considered that despite the initial impression you have about the size, the radiator isn’t actually that big when you take that v-shape profile into consideration.

What can’t be argued, however, is that despite the shortfalls this cooler has, it still performs remarkably well and has some nice, bright, and vivid ARGB lighting effects thrown into the mix for good measure. It’s not perfect, but at this price point if you’re expecting that, then you’re probably only setting yourself up to be disappointed.

Should I Buy One?

SilentiumPC has attempted to bring a distinctive and easily recognizable product to the market with the Fortis 3 EVO ARGB and, in many ways, they are more than a little successful. It is certainly a design that catches the eye and easily makes it stand out from the pack. Despite the apparent size, however, when you take everything into consideration, this is quite a bulky air cooler that, overall, isn’t a huge performer in terms of temperature control. So, while temperature control is perhaps a little lower than you might have hoped, this cooler does have two pretty huge redeeming features.

Not only does it have some nice and bright ARGB lighting effects, but in terms of the acoustics, this is practically whisper quiet. So, by making a few little compromises to that noise level, you could probably very easily find a happy balance here that, while perhaps a little bulky for some smaller chassis designs, would undoubtedly make a very attractive and solid addition to others!


  • Exceptionally well designed
  • Highly-impressive levels of acoustic control
  • Strong, bright, and vivid ARGB lighting effects
  • A unique aesthetic offering something different to the vast majority of its competition.


  • None


  • Installation could be easily
  • Despite it’s apparent size, this shouldn’t be confused as a ‘top-spec’ cooler.
SilentiumPC Fortis 3 EVO ARGB Air Cooler Review

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Mike Sanders

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