Windows 10 Desktop Market Share Booms Towards 75%

It seems somewhat remarkable to think that the Windows 10 operating system has been available now for over 5 years. Somehow, and it may just be me, it just doesn’t really feel like it’s that old.

With that being said though, for the first few years of its release it’s hard to overlook the fact that adoption rates for this latest operating system were amazingly sluggish. With many consumers deliberately choosing to stick with Windows XP or Windows 7, even 2 years after it’s release (and following what can only be called a very aggressive strategy by Microsoft), Windows 10 only had around a 25% market share.

It seems, however, that despite a wobble back in May (when the figure had dropped to 65%), Windows 10 has seen a huge boom that may finally see it hit a 75% market share before the end of this year!

Windows 10 is Booming

With the latest figures provided by StatCounter, we can clearly see that with Windows 10 currently sitting at 73.76%, it is coming very close to finally being able to kill off the vast majority of its other Microsoft based OS versions.

Now, we should point out that this market share percentage is only based on active Windows operating systems. In other words, although Linux isn’t included in this chart (and is a perfectly valid operating system we should add), the figures we’re concentrating on here simply show that older Windows OS users are finally coming over to 10!

What Has Created This Growth?

With the COVID-19 situation requiring a lot of us to stay at home, one of the most logical conclusions is that people have been spending that time either buying a new PC or upgrading their existing design. With Windows 10 becoming more semi-mandatory as gaming technology moves on to incorporate the features it provides, while it may have taken an exceptionally long time, and certainly much longer than Microsoft would’ve liked, I think it’s fairly safe to say that Windows 10 is well and truly established.

Will it ever manage to beat the 83% seen with XP?… Probably not. We daresay, however, that these figures clearly demonstrate that many people who were (or have been) holding out over the last 5 years to make this transition may have finally decided to give up the good fight and jump in!

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Mike Sanders

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