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Here’s Doom Running on a Holographic Display!

The list of things that can run Doom is pretty hilarious. If it has a basic display and about as much power as an old calculator, you can bet someone has tried to get Doom to run on it. If they haven’t, then I’m sure they will soon enough, because it’s just too much fun not to!

We’ve covered a wide range of these over the years too. The game has been run on an ATM machine, a Canon Printer, the Apple Watch, Pipboy, Painsaw, the Macbook Touchbar, a crappy old camera, and more recently, on a pen full of sheep in Minecraft, and even a pregnancy test. With all that in mind, today’s news of it running on a Holographic Display seems a little tame, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome either!

Doom Running on a Holographic Display

There’s a neat quirk with this new one because it’s a holographic display, it means you can actually look around the image a little. If you move your head from side to side, you can literally peek around corners, giving it a much more immersive and unique look. While I doubt that’ll make a huge difference to the gameplay, it’s still pretty fun. It actually reminds me of the 3DS parallax technology too.

Jan Kaiser posted the video of it running on the Looking Glass Holographic Display, and it’s pretty damn cool. It’s more a good demonstration of what the display tech can do, as it’s of little surprise you can make Doom run on it, as it runs on everything!

This special build of Holo-Doom is awesome, but if you like that, they’ve even shared a quick video of Holo-Minecraft!
Peter Donnell

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