Test Shows Over 100fps Difference Between DX12 and DX11

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Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, has had some interesting things to say about DirectX 12, and in a recent test he compared DX12 to its predecessor, DX11, on a high-end system with an unreleased GPU. The results saw DX12 outperform it previous iteration by over 100fps.

Wardell shared the following tweet:

Of course, Wardell’s followers had questions aplenty regarding his DX12 test, which he duly answered. He told one follower that he ran the test on a Crossfire system with an AMD processor, while he said to another, when quizzed on whether the system specifications compared to the Xbox One, Wardell replied that it was, “way beyond console stuff”.

Wardell was quick to share his thoughts on the benefits of DX12, telling another follower:

Microsoft, Stardock, and other developers are set to reveal more details on DirectX 12 at GDC next month.

Source: Dark Side of Gaming

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2 Responses to “Test Shows Over 100fps Difference Between DX12 and DX11”
  1. zerocool says:


  2. Bansaku says:

    You had me at ‘easy to treat multiple GPUs as a single entity’! Fantastic news!

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