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After 20 Years Cheat Codes Have Been Found For Gran Turismo 4

After almost 20 years gamers have found cheat codes in Gran Turismo 4 the popular PlayStation racing game series.

Cheat Codes in Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4 came out in 2004 and recently a Twitter user by the name of Nenkaai shared a series of cheat codes which allows you to achieve various different cheats. The cheats available only work after 365 game days have passed and allow you to give yourself 10m Credits, Pass licenses and complete any event.

Available Cheats

These cheats work in the usual classic fashion through a sequence of button presses and they are as follows:

10,000,000 Cr:

Select, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, L1, R1, Select

Pass a License:

Select, R1, Select, R1, Select, L2, L2, R2, R2, L1, Select, Select

Gold a Specific License Test:

Select, Select, R1, R2, L2, L2, Select, L1, R1, Select, R2, L1, Select

Gold Any Event:

Select, L1, Up, Up, Select, R1, Down, Down, Select, L2, Select, R2, Select

Final Thoughts

It’s impressive that people are discovering cheats even after almost 20 years of the initial release, another example that springs to mind is the cheats that were discovered for Super Punch-Out last year which was 28 years after it’s inital release.

What are your thoughts on in-game cheat codes? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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