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Nvidia Set To Launch 1650 Ti Graphics Card This October!

The release of the Nvidia 1650 graphics card was, for all intents and purposes, a very logical successor to the highly-popular 1050. Effectively acting as an entry-level card (but featuring some of the newer technology) it hit the market at a price point well below that seen in the lowest of the 20XX range and has, to date, proven to be pretty successful for them. Indeed, it managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls of the Nvidia 1050. A graphics card which was, if we’re being honest, too underpowered to be much use beyond very basic gaming.

It was, therefore, very little surprise that in comparative terms, the 1050 Ti was much more popular. Thanks hugely to the fact that it could handle gaming at reasonable levels. In a report via WCCFTech, however, it seems that Nvidia is finally ready to follow this model up now. Specifically, with the release of the 1650 Ti.

Nvidia 1650 Ti Graphics Card

One of the main standout specifications of the 1650 Ti is that it will feature the full version of the TU117 architecture. While this was present in the base model release, it was wasn’t utilized to its full potential. As such, right off the bat, we can probably expect a solid performance boost from this Ti release.

With rumours suggesting a price of around $30 above base models, the Nvidia 1650 Ti could well prove to be one of the best ‘budget’ graphics cards on the market.

What Do We Think?

It was perhaps more than a little surprising that Nvidia was so slow to release this specific model. As above, however, it is believed that the 16XX range, as a whole, hasn’t been particularly popular. Likely because it has (very firmly) stood in the shadow of its 20XX bigger brother. Not just in terms of performance, but also in marketing.

If it can, however, give a good 1080p gaming experience (for a price under $190) we can see this graphics card release being hugely successful. With the release date expected this October, if you are looking for a graphics card upgrade on a budget, it might be worth holding fire. At least until we see just how good this one is!

What do you think? Are you interested in the Nvidia 1650 Ti? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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