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Intel Provides Driver Fix for ARC Power Draw Issue

Intel’s Arc A7 GPUs were found to suffer from high idle power consumption which was amplified when using multi-monitor setups where the GPUs were found to be reaching ...

March 4, 2023 at 1:08 pm by

AMD CEO Lisa Su Has Set Her Sights on Energy Efficiency

Advancements In Power Efficient Computing One of the biggest talking points with enthusiast PC building hardware at the moment is power requirements, primarily with the newest ...

February 23, 2023 at 7:51 pm by

Intel Says GPU Efficiency/Power Consumption is a Higher Priority than Performance

It has been exactly 2 months and 1 day since Intel’s long-awaited Arc Alchemist graphics cards were finally released onto the market, and I daresay that the fact that ...

December 13, 2022 at 8:12 am by

ASUS Says Intel’s DLVR Power Technology Will Never Be Enabled On Raptor Lake CPUs

Back in early 2021, a new Intel feature leaked online known as DLVR. While we didn’t know what this was at the time, it was shortly after confirmed that this acronym ...

November 30, 2022 at 8:22 am by

ASUS PSU Figures Recommend a Minimum of 750W/850W Output for Radeon 7900 GPUs

With AMD’s Radeon 7900 series of graphics cards set for release on December 13th, based on the official figures provided by Team Red during their unveiling, it seems ...

November 17, 2022 at 8:27 am by

Intel Confirm Fix to Stop Arc GPUs From Gobbling Up Power While Idle

With Intel’s new Arc series of graphics cards now (sort of) officially available to purchase, while they have largely been praised as a solid entry-level gaming graphics ...

October 20, 2022 at 9:08 am by

New Nvidia 4080 Spec Leak Suggest a (Thankfully) Lower Power Consumption

Somewhat bizarrely, leading up to the release (well… launch) of Nvidia’s 40XX series of graphics cards, the biggest talking points haven’t been what level of ...

August 24, 2022 at 10:14 am by

Nvidia 40XX Leak Suggests Much Lower Than Previously Feared Power Consumption!

Unlike the lead-up to the release of the 30XX graphics cards back in 2020, the key focus of attention for the upcoming Nvidia 40XX series has not been about how much VRAM they ...

August 9, 2022 at 7:24 pm by

Intel 14th-Gen Laptops To Feature Huge Boosts to Battery Consumption

With Intel’s 14th-gen Meteor Lake laptop processors not expected to debut until at least early 2024, there is, of course, still the small matter of their 13th-gen Raptor ...

July 8, 2022 at 9:11 am by

AMD Confirms Radeon 7000 GPUs Will Require More Power!

Immediately prior to the release of current-gen graphics cards, one of the most consistent debated subjects was exactly how much VRAM they were going to come with. This time ...

June 25, 2022 at 10:44 am by

Nvidia 4080 Rumoured to Have a TGP of 420W with ‘99%’ Certainty!

It feels like something of a total contrast leading up to the launch of the next generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards that the prominent subject of conversation has not ...

June 7, 2022 at 9:51 am by

Seasonic Wattage Calculator Adds AMD Radeon 7000 GPUs – 650W/750W PSU Minimum?

For the last few months, information has consistently appeared online suggesting that the upcoming AMD Radeon 7000 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series of graphics cards would ...

June 7, 2022 at 9:51 am by

Nvidia 4XXX Series is (Again) Rumoured to Be Exceptionally Power Hungry!

Ever since the start of the year, there have been consistent rumours suggesting that the upcoming release of Nvidia’s 4000-series of graphics cards was likely bringing ...

June 6, 2022 at 8:27 am by

Intel Raptor Lake’s New DLVR Tech – Better Laptop Performance For Less Power?

While laptops are certainly getting more and more potent in their configurations, this does often come with a notable problem for users. In its simplest terms, the stronger ...

November 14, 2021 at 10:37 am by

AMD 21.4.1 Driver Hugely Improves Non-Gaming Power Usage?

With the release of the latest AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020 21.4.1 graphics card drivers last week, while it certainly came with the highlight of an updated version of AMD Link, ...

April 27, 2021 at 9:07 am by

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