The Meater Means You’ll Never Overcook Again!

The Meater! When it comes to cooking meat, such as chicken or a beef joint, getting the timing right is essential. If you overcook it, you lose all of the flavours and if you ...

February 19, 2019 at 1:40 pm by

Chest Augment Robot That’s Designed To Feed You Food!

Chest Augment Robot That’s Designed To Feed You Food! Pretty much every major health organisation keeps telling us one thing. We’re all eating too much food. Well, ...

November 23, 2018 at 11:27 am by

Soylent Meals Are Coming To The UK This Week!

Soylent Meals Are Coming To The UK This Week! Anyone familiar with their classic science fiction films might be aware of a film called ‘Soylent Green’. The film ...

September 18, 2018 at 11:16 am by

Twitter Posts Shows America Has Discovered the Chip Butty

America Discovers the Chip-Butty You may recall that last year, America finally found out about chip-butties. They way the talked about them was also as if they invented them. ...

April 8, 2018 at 1:29 pm by

Hellmann’s Answer Meme By Launching Thermal Paste

Hellmann’s Launch Their Own Brand of Thermal Paste When it comes to thermal paste you would be amazed at the amount of contention there can be surrounding it. Whether ...

April 1, 2018 at 9:01 am by

Burger Flipping Robot Starts Its First Day On The Job

Burger Flipping Robot I daresay that I may be similar to many of you that during my student years, I worked in fast food to pay bills and to buy beer. It’s not an ...

March 6, 2018 at 2:05 pm by

Kartoffelkrieg – A Warhammer Type Game With Real Potatoes

Kartoffelkrieg I don’t think it’s an unfair thing to say that tabletop gaming miniatures are rather expensive. A decent ‘army’ in Warhammer 40,000k can ...

February 22, 2018 at 1:40 pm by

McDonalds Is Bringing Back Szechaun Sauce Again

Szechaun Sauce!!! When Rick and Morty came back last year, there was one fad that came from it that no one expected, Szechaun sauce. Since then, the hype for the sauce built ...

February 21, 2018 at 12:15 pm by

Burger King Use The Whopper To Explain Net Neutrality Repeal

Burger King When Net Neutrality was repealed in the US back in December 2017 it was against the wishes of the vast majority of the public. At least, the vast majority who knew ...

January 29, 2018 at 4:37 pm by

Minions Themed Pop-Up Cafe Opens in Singapore

  A Minions themed cafe has opened in Singapore offering food and retail goods I don’t think that when they were making Despicable Me that they expected the ...

November 23, 2017 at 2:06 pm by

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker From Hungry to Tasty in Under 12 Parsecs

Somewhere in a kitchen far far away… Christmas is on the way and nothing says “I love you” more than a random piece of crap kitchenware. It might be a ...

November 20, 2017 at 1:13 pm by

Flying Spaghetti Monster Pasta Colander Goes on Sale

Flying Spaghetti Monster Colander Available to Buy The Flying Spaghetti Monster has a very strange history. In more recent times, the phrase is most largely associated with ...

November 12, 2017 at 1:06 pm by

Nissin Announces ‘Otohiko’ Noise-Cancelling Ramen Fork

Osaka, Japan based company Nissin takes ramen eating seriously. After all they have made billions selling instant ramen over the years. Their latest announcement however, is ...

October 23, 2017 at 10:26 pm by

Taco Bell is Looking at a Chat Bot to Take Your Orders

During those late nights when you just feel like a quick bite to eat and your favourite show before hitting the hay, we all feel like quickly ordering something in and ...

April 7, 2016 at 11:40 am by

FFC To Create “Nutrition Labels” For Your Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission do a lot of things, including monitoring and investigating companies which have less than kind business practices. In their latest ...

April 5, 2016 at 1:00 am by

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