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Creating an electriQ Equipped Smart Home for Around £150

electriQ Smart Home

Smart home gear can be expensive, it’s no secret that I’ve spent a small fortune and countless hours working on my own. Using Philips and LIFX lights can get expensive, and it’ll empty your wallet before you finished creating the scene you wanted in your kitchen. Surely there’s a more affordable way? There is, and we have the solution… cheaper hardware, what a shocker, bet you didn’t see that coming. Of course, lightbulbs are only part of the equation, as you can also control other devices in your home by toggling their power on/off. It’s a simple thing, but having your kettle, a lamp, a fan, etc, controllable with your phone or Alexa can be darn handy.

At less than half the price of comparable Philips Hue lights, the electriQ range is pretty darn affordable. In fact, I was able to get four B22 bulbs, three GU10 bulbs, all RGB and all for less than three bulbs from Philips. That left some money over to buy two smart plug adaptors and an IP Camera, and I still had some change left from £200, not too shabby.

“This isn’t just any old lightbulb, its the future of lighting! Gone are the days of accidentally leaving the lights on or having to walk over to the light switch to turn it on/off. That’s because with this clever little light bulb you’ll be able to control your lighting from anywhere using your smartphone! Simply replace your existing light bulb with the smart bulb, pair it with your Smartphone using the dedicated app and its ready to use! Once connected you’ll be able to turn the lights on or off, set brightness and adjust the bulbs colour all without having to leave your sofa!” – electriQ

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Peter Donnell

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