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Intel i7 4770K Gets Overclocked To 7GHz, Required 2.56v

Intel’s Haswell processors are just around the corner, expected to be here within the next month, and as a result the professional overclockers are ramping up efforts to ...

1 year ago

Forget Google Glass – You Need Flass

All we’ve been hearing about lately is Google Glass, but a guy from down under has invented his own clone; codenamed Flass. The name derives from the two words ...

1 year ago

Gigabyte Reveal Improved Sound On Upcoming Z87 G1 Killer Series Motherboards

Gigabyte have been showing off their latest high end Z87 motherboards at a press event at their Taipei headquarters this week. Gigabyte demonstrated two motherboards both from ...

1 year ago
20130107_nvidia (1)

Geforce GTX 780 Launching On May 23rd – GTX 770 Due May 30th

Yesterday afternoon we brought you the news that the Nvidia’s GTX 780 could cost more on launch than the GTX 680, and earlier this month we told you that the GTX 700 ...

1 year ago

Warner Brothers Taken To Court Over Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat?!

The weekend is approaching and everyone is winding down for a long sunny week here in England, so what better way to start today than with a completely daft news story that ...

1 year ago

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Capture Card Review

A few months ago I took a look at a product that entered a new line on to the list of different products that I’ve looked at over time. This is namely AVerMedia’s ...

1 year ago

Sony To Unveil PlayStation 4 Entertainment Capabilities At Upcoming Events

The PlayStation 4 is set to be one of the biggest hardware releases in years, not just in the consoles games industry, but in the tech industry as a whole. Many games ...

1 year ago

Sapphire Bundling SimCity With Its 1GB Radeon HD 7790

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention recently there has been something of a “game war” going on between AMD and Nvidia. On the AMD side we have ...

1 year ago

Google Chairman Schmidt Says YouTube Bigger Than TV

Eric Schmidt has got to be one of the most powerful (and rich) men in the world of technology being the chairman of the mammoth technology giant Google . When he says ...

1 year ago

Greek Anti-Piracy Group Targeting Major Torrent Website ISP Blocks

Anti-piracy groups in Greece are targeting major torrent websites for ISP level blocks. The requests that were filed are against some of the biggest torrent websites in the ...

1 year ago

GRID 2 Offers Dynamically Changing Tracks With New “Live Routes” Trailer

With the release of GRID 2 rapidly approaching, the game is set to bring an all new and exclusive features called “LiveRoutes”, said to be a ground-breaking new ...

1 year ago

Rumour: Nvidia’s GTX 780 To Cost A Lot More On Launch Than The GTX 680

Just under 2 weeks ago we learned of a pretty significant rumour that suggested Nvidia would be releasing the entire GTX 700 series in time for Computex 2012, starting at the ...

1 year ago

Rumour: Intel Could Buy AMD As ARM’s Success Now Prevents Monopoly

It is the age old rumour of the computer industry, whether Intel and AMD would join forces in a merger or whether one would buy the other, notably Intel buying AMD in recent ...

1 year ago

New HTC M4 Smartphone Has Been Pictured!

HTC has been having a good run of things this last few years and while I’m not out for commenting on sales, or market lead or anything else like that, I do think ...

1 year ago

Activision Officially Announces The Next-Gen Call of Duty With CoD: Ghosts

While I’m not the biggest CoD fan ever, ok in fact I don’t even like the series at all post Modern Warfare and that’s fine, there are plenty of other ...

1 year ago

Intel Releases Details on Haswell Iris 5000 Graphics Capabilities

The release of Haswell is not far away now and while the latest CPU hardware from Intel is expected to bring reduced power consumption and increased processing performance, it ...

1 year ago

Asus PA249Q ProArt 24″ IPS Monitor Overview Preview

Asus are one of the only brands in the market at the moment who really have the facility to delve into multiple areas and different product segments. It seems that every time ...

1 year ago

Antec GX700 Mid Tower Chassis Review

Antec are one of my favourite brands in the PC industry, I’ve been an avid user of their various power supplies, water coolers and cases for many years, and while I ...

1 year ago

Intel’s Not Done With Motherboards Yet, 4 More On The Way For Haswell

Around a month ago we brought you the news of what we thought would be Intel’s last ever motherboard, the DZ87KLT-75K. After Intel talked about exiting from the ...

1 year ago

New Norwegian Laws To Block Pirate Sites

While Iceland has been relatively friendly to the Pirate Bay in recent times, other Scandinavian countries have not. Greenland recently booted the Pirate Bay out, Denmark ...

1 year ago

ESEA Client Has Been Mining Bitcoins For Over Two Weeks

The ESEA, which is an eSports network, has been found to be mining Bitcoins through its anti-cheat client. The malware used users’ graphics cards to acquire the online ...

1 year ago

Facebook Wins 105 Domains and $2.8 Million Damages From “Typosquatters”

It isn’t an uncommon thing for something to fall victim to “typosquatters”, you are just going about your daily business, doing a tactical Facebook check ...

1 year ago

Enermax Clarifies Which Of Its Power Supplies Support Haswell

We brought you the news a few days ago that many power supplies could struggle to run Haswell when its new power saving state is enabled. For those of you who didn’t ...

1 year ago

AMD Introduce FX 6350 and FX 4350 Desktop Processors

Back at the end of last year AMD released two new processors to its FX series in the form of the FX 6350 and FX 4350, both of these parts were reserved as specifically ...

1 year ago

Blackberry CEO Says Tablets Will Be Dead In 5 Years!?

I’m not sure what the CEO of BlackBerry  is smoking these days but he certainly has some interesting predictions about the future of the mobile industry that I just ...

1 year ago