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Valve working on Living-Room-Friendly PC Gaming Package

According to Kotaku who interviewd Gabe Newell at the Video Game Award that was hosted recently, Valve’s Boss Gabe Newell said that Valve’s current goal is to ...

2 years ago
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U.S. patent office declares “Steve Jobs Patent” entirely invalid

This is the second time in less than 2 months where the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) declared apple’s patent as invalid. The first one was a rubber banding ...

2 years ago

THQ Humble Bundle gets new games after it hits $4 Million

THQ’s Humble bundle got even sweeter as a couple of games have been added in the bundle with Red faction: Armageddon and Titan Quest. For those who want Titan Quest and ...

2 years ago

ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 2.5″ 500GB External Hard Drive Review

Having the ability to transfer data from one computer to another with out the need for a network or the internet is something that was solved years ago and external hard ...

2 years ago
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FCC Urges FAA to let passengers run gadgets during takeoff

Julius Genachowski, chairman of FCC, wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration to change its rules to let people run their gadgets during takeoff. Genachowski told ...

2 years ago

Sony to discontinue handheld tape recorders in 2013

Sony officially calls it quits on the tape recorder as the final shipments for the company’s cassette recorders are sent off. The models that were shipped are the ...

2 years ago
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Assassin’s Creed III PC Review

This week I have been spending time with the much anticipated Assassin’s Creed III, the latest free-roaming AAA title from Ubisoft. Now I’m a big fan of the ...

2 years ago

TSMC making plans to increasing 28nm manufacturing process

TSMC is rolling out a lot of chips with the 28 nm process technology so quick that the Taiwan based chip maker not only will be able to easily meet the demands of existing ...

2 years ago

Kim Dotcom posts screens of upcoming mega site with File manager and 2048-bit key

2013 could be a good year for Kim Dotcom now that he would be getting the documents from NZ’s spy agency, the right to sue them and the local police and to top it all ...

2 years ago

Nintendo Europe blocking 18+ content on Wii U until 11 pm

Nintendo Europe is blocking off content which are rated PEGI 18+ between 3 AM and 11 PM. Users at first reported this issue on the NeoGaf forum where they received an email ...

2 years ago
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8 out of 10 customers choose Windows 7: Puget Systems

Giving the user choice is a key fundamental of any business, and is one that Puget Systems use right down to the operating system, however they have noticed that only 20% of ...

2 years ago

Federal Auto Safety propose a rule to make black box standard in new cars

Citing privacy concerns, a lot people have started questioning Federal Auto Safety’s proposal to have black boxes as a must in all new U.S. vehicles. According to what ...

2 years ago

Apple and Google to team up for $500 Million Kodak Patent Bids

Now that Eastman Kodak Co. has received the go-ahead to sell 1,100 of their imaging patents, Google and Apple have joined forces to spend more than $500 million to buy patents ...

2 years ago

HP to Apple: We’re already making PCs in the U.S.

Reacting to what Apple said about having manufacturing units in the United States, HP said that they have been assembling systems in U.S. since their beginning. HP ...

2 years ago

Nikon to Camera owners: Do Not Breathe on Lens

Most of us are guilty of doing this at some point or another to remove that pesky finger print that has appeared or a stray bit of dust, but Nikon support recently put out ...

2 years ago

Antec Soundscience Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting Kit Review

Today I will be taking a look at this simple LED lighting kit from Antec, sure it may not be up there with the usual enthusiast hardware that we often feature on the site, but ...

2 years ago

Austria’s _mats_ made HWBot World Record with i7 3770K

Austria’s _mats_ has broken the PCMark 2005 world record not just for the i7 3770k, but also for Global 4x CPU Ranking. With PCMark 2005 Score of 63665 and an insane ...

2 years ago

Archos GamePad available in U.K. for £129.99

Archos’ GamePad was unveiled back in August but until now, its not been available on the UK markets. The device uses a Dual Core Cortex A9 1.6GHz processor with a ...

2 years ago

ZTE’s flagship phone with 5-Inch 1080p display pictured

Just after L.G. showed off their latest 5″ 1080p phone, ZTE’s flagship “Nubia Z5″ is coming up with some impressive specifications as well. The Nubia ...

2 years ago

Judge urges peace between Apple and Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh who oversaw the $1bn award over patents for Apple against Samsung, has asked both of them to get along during their next court hearing. After 3 hours of ...

2 years ago

Foxconn to expand North American Operations for “Made in U.S.A.” tag

Just after Tim Cook mentioned that some iMacs will be manufactured in the U.S.A, Taiwanese based manufacturer Foxconn is getting ready to expand its operations in North ...

2 years ago

HTC announces new flagship model sports 1080p display.

HTC quietly announced their new flagship model “J Butterfly” to be available worldwide. The phone measures in at 143 x 75 x 9.08mm in dimensions and weighs about ...

2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Music Duos arrives in India for about $165

AndroidOS reports that Samsung have released Galaxy Music Duos which can be purchased from an online retail store Snapdeal for Rs. 8,999/-, viz. about US $160- $165. The ...

2 years ago

Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review

Today I’m taking a look at the Aurora Wireless Keyboard, the latest wireless keyboard solution from Enermax. Its not often we see much attention to the wireless ...

2 years ago

Leaked shots of a purported iPhone 5S surface

The iPhone 5 came out and, I don’t know if it’s just me, but didn’t make a huge splash. Yes sale numbers are rumoured to be at around 45 million this quarter ...

2 years ago