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Bethesda confirms new DLC for Rage “The Scorchers”

Bethesda confirms through their official blog that their post apocolyptic shooter RAGE will have a DLC which will bring a new set of adventures that crosses over six new areas ...

2 years ago
nearline storage

Toshiba ships out Nearline Storage Enterprise HDD units

Hard drive manufacturer Toshiba have begun conducting sample shipments of their latest enterprise level storage drives, with SAS/SATA connectivity and a 4TB capacity. Nearline ...

2 years ago

Google maps for iOS is downloaded more than 10 million times in 48 hours

Users breathed a sigh of relief as they were able to download Google maps on their Apple iOS powered devices. Google said on Monday that iOS users have downloaded their ...

2 years ago

Broadwell is not for desktop, rather focused on mobile

Following the recent report on Intel’s latest roadmap for their upcoming processor lines, it appears that the new Broadwell line of chips are not to be designed for the ...

2 years ago

Instagram now sells users photos to advertisers

Facebook’s acquired the photo-sharing website Instagram and has now updated its privacy policy which gives itself the right to sell photos without notifying users. The ...

2 years ago

Polaroid to roll out Android-based mirrorless cameras?

Looks like Samsung isn’t going to be only one with an Android powered standalone camera. Polaroid is rumoured to announce the release of the first Android based ...

2 years ago

Samsung acquires SSD Caching Vendor “Nvelo”

South Korean based manufacturer Samsung acquired Nvelo, a Company from California which designed the Dataplex software to use SSD’s as caching drives for operating ...

2 years ago

Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Review

It was back in June this year that I took a look at the Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition, not only did I want to have a go with the product, but I also needed something that ...

2 years ago

M18x giveaway is a scam: Alienware

Alienware recently posted that a M18x Gaming notebook giveaway that is spreading on Facebook for few days is not affiliated with them, which may be a scam and if any reputable ...

2 years ago

OCUK Mega-Mega Mat 3XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface Review

Overclockers are one of the biggest re-sellers in the UK, but not content with just being a big name, they need BIG products. Something they seem to be addressing with ...

2 years ago

THQ looking at the possibity to bring their games to Linux

After Steam were found to be making plans for the Linux platform, THQ, a game studio behind titles such as Darksiders, Metro 2033, Saint’s row the Third, Titan Quest, ...

2 years ago

AMD set to launch Radeon HD 8000 “Sea Islands” Series GPU in Q2 2013

AMD have made plans to release the Radeon 8000 Series GPU in the second quarter of 2013. Currently AMD is going through business re- organization due to poor performance ...

2 years ago

Little Big Planet Karting PlayStation 3 Review

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I dived into the kart racing world of F1 Stars, a massive spin off from the super serious world of Formula one from Codemasters. But ...

2 years ago

Kicker Cush Headphones Review

This is the first time I’ve used a set of Kicker headphones and while I haven’t heard how they perform, I have heard of the brand and I’m hoping that stands ...

2 years ago

Chinese woman tasered in Apple Store for trying to buy more than 2 iPhones

A Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English was tasered by the police when she tried to buy more than 2 iPhones in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S. The incident started ...

2 years ago

McAfee warns about major fraud attacks to 20 U.S. banks

Security firm McAfee Labs warned that 30 U.S. banks would be attacked by hackers during the new year which could lead to a loss of Millions of dollars. McAfee believes that ...

2 years ago

Samsung worker in South Korea died of cancer because of “industrial accident”

On December 14th, the South Korean government announced that a woman with the surname “Kim” was exposed to harmful organic solvents and radiation which caused her ...

2 years ago

Gelid Solutions Wing 14 UV Blue 140mm Fan Review

Gelid Solutions are a company that specialise in high quality cooling solutions. Like all good cooling companies they produce their own fans in-house, something that is always ...

2 years ago

Metro: Last Light Pre-order’s bonuses detailed

THQ seems all set to release Metro: Last Light with pre-orders by bundling bonuses. After giving away bundle of games for a low price that a customer prefers to choose for ...

2 years ago

Dell exits from the smartphone market

Dell did make many attempts to enter the smartphone market with both Android and Windows’ OS devices, but Dell’s Streak and Venue Pro Windows line-ups didn’t ...

2 years ago
A logo of the Blackberry maker's Research in Motion is seen on a building at RIM Technology Park in Waterloo

U.S. Immigration and Customs Agency to test Blackberry 10

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be starting a program early next year to test the new line of software of RIM’s Blackberry 10 on its own networks. After ...

2 years ago

Rumour: Intel to acquire Nvidia

Bright Side of News’ Theo Valich said that there’s a rumour floating around that Nvidia and Intel are discussing about future developments such as cross ...

2 years ago

Seattle announces its own Gigabit internet service

The Emerald City to have its own Gigabit internet service! On Thursday, Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn said that it has made an agreement with Gigabit Squared and the ...

2 years ago
Motorola Korea

Motorola Mobile to halt R&D and Mobile Operations in Korea

In a recent report by The Korea Times, Motorola said that it will pack their bags and leave Korea as a part of its global restructuring. The U.S. based company came to Korea ...

2 years ago

Google Maps returns on the iPhone

After being criticized and later removed the Google Maps app that Apple once removed has now been restored on the iPhone. The new maps from Google for iOS users will have an ...

2 years ago