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ASUS netbook

Analysts Predict Netbooks’ Death By 2015

The decline of the netbook is a well documented one. Since the rise in popularity of the tablet PC, netbook sales have fallen off a cliff. The year 2010 marked a high point ...

1 year ago

Indian Consortiums In Talks With The government To Build Microprocessor Fab Plants

India maybe known as of one the favourable locations for outsourcing, but the government wants to have a homegrown industry for computer hardware. The government officials ...

1 year ago

Taiwan Investigating Samsung’s Malicious Comments Attack Against HTC

The authorities in Taiwan have launched an investigation after received complaints that Korean Electronics giant Samsung apparently hired students to post hateful comments ...

1 year ago
Google Glass

Google Releases Tech Specs Of Glass Explorer Editions

Google recently released Glass API, along with the specs for the Glass Explorer Editions. One of the key specs is that it uses 5 Megapixel camera that can take 720p Videos as ...

1 year ago

Your Google Accounts Can Self-Destruct When Expired

Google announced a brand new feature dubbed Inactive Account Manager. What this allows you to do is set what occurs when your Google account goes unused for three, six, nine ...

1 year ago

Sony-backed ISP launches fastest internet connection for a home user with 2Gbps speed

So-net Entertainment, Japanese internet service provider backed by Sony, has launched their ‘Nuro’ fiber-based 2Gbps Internet surface, most likely the fastest ...

1 year ago

OCZ Threatened To Be Delisted From NASDAQ, Again!

OCZ Technology seems to be in lot of trouble as the SSD maker has received a letter from the NASDAQ stock exchange if they do not disclose their earnings of the quarter ended ...

1 year ago
Nvidia Q1

Rumour: GTX 700 Series To Arrive For Computex 2013

The upcoming launch of Nvidia’s next serious of graphics cards, the GTX 700 series, is a topic that never strays far from the media. New rumours are claiming that we ...

1 year ago

Asus P8Z77-V LK (Z77) Motherboard Review

  Following my recent look at one of Asus’ mainstream boards, the P8Z77-V which saw me highly impressed with its feature pack and relatively competitive levels of ...

1 year ago

Gigabyte officially opens up a dedicated OC Lab at their Taiwan HQ

Gigabyte Taiwan has officially opened their OC Lab at the 4th floor in their Headquarters, and it looks all new and shiny! The setup has been so nicely that any extreme ...

1 year ago

Corsair soon to launch Obsidian 350D M-ATX Chassis

Corsair is planning to launch their new and premium version Micro-ATX form factor gaming case similar to the looks of its flagship model, 900D. The Obsidian 350D’s press ...

1 year ago

Graphics Are 60% Of A Video Game Says Crytek

Whether you care about game graphics or not it is definitely something that you notice when playing a game. How much of a difference that makes probably varies between ...

1 year ago

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Leaked Gameplay Video

We brought you the news just yesterday of the release of a whole selection of gameplay screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online game. Today we have something much more ...

1 year ago

Explosions At The Boston Market Marathon Finish Line

Breaking News At least two explosions have been reported at the finish line of the Boston Maraton. Dozens of people have been injured, some people have been severely injured ...

1 year ago

Galaxy Note 8 Now Comes With $25 Google Play Credit

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is an excellent Android tablet that will no doubt prove very popular with Android and Samsung lovers alike. The new Galaxy Note 8 tablet from ...

1 year ago

Facebook Home Received Poorly By Android Users

Facebook home created quite a bit of hype throughout the mobile world, promising to change the way you use Facebook on your Android smartphone. However, all that hype ...

1 year ago

Intel Haswell To Allow For Base Clock Overclocking On Non-K Models

Ever since Sandy Bridge came to market Intel’s processors had been limited in overclocking terms, for overclockers the only way to achieve an overclock was via ...

1 year ago

Roccat Kone Pure Limited Edition Mouse Review

This week I’ve been playing around in my favourite games, working and wasting time on the internet, just like any other week then! The difference this week of course is ...

1 year ago

Win a Kingston 25 Year Anniversary 8GB Flash Drive

Recently Kingston Technology celebrated 25 years in the business as the largest third-party manufacturer of computer and device memory. Kingston was founded on October 17, ...

1 year ago

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX Titan Pictured!

Since we saw the images of Gigabyte’s custom-cooled GTX Titan Windforce 3X a few days ago, it is now becoming apparent that a lot more companies will be jumping on-board ...

1 year ago

U.S. & China To Setup A Joint Cyber Security Team

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States and China has agreed that both the countries need to work on Cyber Security. This would be an area where both ...

1 year ago

FCC To Give Small Carriers A Chance

The Anti-trust division justice Departments tells FCC that that they need to make sure that smaller wireless carrier companies, Sprint and T- Mobile, need to get access to ...

1 year ago

Asus Cube Due for Release

If you use an entertainment device or have been contemplating purchasing a television that has Google TV built in, you might want to consider the new ASUS Cube. ASUS Cube also ...

1 year ago

Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler Review

Getting a CPU cooler that is; 100% RAM compatible, small enough in height to fit into most midtower cases and quiet enough for everyday usage is a tough ask. Then if you want ...

1 year ago

New “The Elder Scrolls Online” Screenshots Revealed

The Elder Scrolls Online promises to be quite a revolutionary game. It takes the increasingly popular Elder Scrolls series of games, which includes Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and ...

1 year ago