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BitFenix Prodigy M Colour Series Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Introduction It's been two years since I first reviewed the BitFenix Prodigy M, but today, I'll be revisiting this now classic Prodigy chassis design to take a ...

1 year ago

Faraday Future Officially Confirm Launch Date for Their First Electric Car

First thing's first... who is Faraday Future? According to their website, they may be a soon-to-come competitor for Tesla Motor's electric cars. But this is not why they ...

1 year ago

Windows 10 Long Term Plan Revealed – Supporting the Operating System For 10 Years

Windows 10 has been the forefront of the big news for Microsoft since its official announcement earlier in the year. After some confusion (okay, a lot of confusion) over ...

1 year ago

Street Fighter V DLC Can Be Unlocked For Free Through Gameplay

Capcom have dramatically altered their policy on post-release content and decided to offer future DLC for free providing you invest enough time playing Street Fighter V. ...

1 year ago
windows 10 screen recorder

Windows 10 Has Hidden Screen Recording Tool

With just over a week until the release of Windows 10, you’d be forgiven for thinking you know what to expect from Microsoft’s new operating system. However, found ...

1 year ago

Transcend Announces 16GB DDR3L Memory Modules

Transcend might not be the first brand you think off when you look for memory modules, but they shouldn't be forgotten. Something that speaks for that alone is that you'll ...

1 year ago

AMD Releases Budget Friendly A8-7670K APU

AMD has unveiled their latest highly affordable APU which operates at 3.6GHz and turbos up to 3.9GHz on the stock profile. The A8-7670K's GPU frequency performs at a ...

1 year ago
turing phone

Meet the Turing Phone: The Most Secure Android Smartphone Ever Made

With no USB port, no headphone jack, and made from the futuristic-sounding “liquidmorphium” metal, the bizarre but beautiful Turing Phone is billed as the most secure ...

1 year ago

Hacking team and Boeing Built a Surveillance Drone

The hack of Hacking team was hilarious but serious at the same time, to contemplate a freelance company hell-bent on hacking any target for a variety of employers seemed, ...

1 year ago
reddit millionaire

Subreddit Wants to Make a Random Person a Millionaire

A novel reddit group wants to make a randomly chosen subscriber a millionaire. The subreddit, r/millionairemakers, asks members to agree to donate a dollar each to form a ...

1 year ago

Microsoft Hurries Out Emergency Windows Patch

Microsoft has broken their trend of releasing hotfixes on the second Tuesday of every month to release a vital "out of band" security patch. The critical flaw entitled ...

1 year ago

Footage Discovered of Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Cartoon

A YouTube video has emerged from David Siller, who worked as lead designer for Universal Interactive Studios during the time of Crash Bandicoot's development. The footage ...

1 year ago

AMD May Take the Lead in Console Chip Manufacturing

AMD already makes chips for Sony and Microsoft's consoles, namely the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the company seems to want to expand and take over more console ...

1 year ago
Intel Skylake CPU

Skylake i7-6700K Reaches 5.2 GHz on Air

Intel's latest range of enthusiast-grade processors are set to launch in a few weeks and Chinese site, HKEPC have published their preliminary testing results. Despite ...

1 year ago

Microsoft Advertises Windows 10 Using Babies

Windows 10 will soon make its way to computers from all over the world and Microsoft has prepared the first ads for its brand new operating system. However, instead of ...

1 year ago

Windows 10 Preview Keys Have Been Deactivated

  Windows Insider beta project leader Gabriel Aul had recently warned to not reinstall Windows 10 Preview because the secret keys given out to insiders would fail. ...

1 year ago
eye lens

Scientists Are One Step Closer to Creating the Perfect Lens

Being able to see microorganisms with the naked eye is basically a superpower in my book, and it looks like scientists are one step closer to making this particular ...

1 year ago

Latest Apple iPods Not Compatible With Apple Music – Fail!

If you were looking to get one of the newly released Apple iPod Shuffle or Nano to play locally stored music that you got through Apple Music, then you might want to hold ...

1 year ago

Can Depression be Detected by Analyzing Smartphone Data?

When I first stumbled upon this story I became interested for two reasons, firstly, sufferers all too often hide this illness from view, the “yes I’m fine” is a ...

1 year ago

Hulu Planning An Ad Free Subscription?

On paper, the media streaming service Hulu is a great idea, either watch selected shows for free or pay a $7.99 (£5.12) fee to view an expanded array of content. But the ...

1 year ago

ASUS Created Safer CPU Installation for Their Z170 Boards

Not every user that builds PC systems is equally skilled and bent pins have been a problem on Intel motherboards for quite some time thanks to that. The research and ...

1 year ago

Nvidia Will Bundle Metal Gear Solid V with GeForce Cards

Nvidia is stepping up their developer relations with another gaming deal! According to Newegg support, Konami is getting help with their latest Metal Gear Solid ...

1 year ago

MSI X99A GODLIKE Gaming (LGA 2011-3) Motherboard Review

Introduction, Specifications and Packaging X99, the chipset that has brought workstation power to the consumer level, has been around with us for almost a whole year ...

1 year ago
hacking team hdd scrub

Hacking Team’s Rootkit Can Survive Hard Drive Scrubbing

Investigations by Trend Mirco have uncovered that the now-infamous spyware distributed by Italian surveillance outfit Hacking Team can survive the scrubbing or removal of ...

1 year ago
DETROIT, MI, - JANUARY 10: The Tesla Model S Signature is shown during a media preview day at the 2012 North American International Auto Show January 10, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. The NAIAS opens to the public January 14th and continues through January 22nd. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Tesla Model S to Get ‘Ludicrous Speed’ Upgrade

Think being environmentally friendly means you tear up the roads? Think again. Elon Musk, CEO of electric car pioneer Tesla, has announced that its flagship P85D Model S ...

1 year ago