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amazon_co_uk-logo Turns 15! Biggest Selling Products Since Launch Revealed

Wow was that 15 years already! I remember purchasing Limp Bizkits – Significant Other 14 years ago from the then fairly new Amazon site, in fact, it was my first ever ...

1 year ago

New World Record for Wireless Speed – 100 Gbit/s

Lets admit it, the dream of having Google Fibre in our homes to give us a super fast connection to the internet is for the most part a dream, but to take the biscuit, if you ...

1 year ago

Facebook Acquires ‘Onavo’ To Help Improve Web Efficiency

Data is important, especially when it comes to mobile devices where users are often limited on how much they use per month, how fast they can download that data and of course ...

1 year ago

Backdoor In To Selected D-Link Routers Revealed

Internet security is something that we [in a good way] get shoved towards us all the time, however it has been revealed that a number of D-Link routers have a vulnerable ...

1 year ago

Nokia Lumia 1520 Full Specifications And Pricing Revealed

Some fresh reports from NokiaPowerUser have revealed the specifications and pricing for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520 handset, pictured above. The key specifications can be ...

1 year ago

LG G Flex Press Render Photos Revealed, Launches Next Month

Engadget has managed to grab some exclusive shots of LG’s upcoming “G Flex” smartphone that features a curved display based on LG’s flexible display ...

1 year ago

Russia Building State-Controlled “Sputnik” Search Engine

A Reuters report that emerged recently suggests that Russia is preparing to launch its own state-controlled search engine. The state-controlled search engine will be dubbed ...

1 year ago

Movie Company Asks Google To Remove IMDB Links And Official Trailers From Its Listings

By now most of us know that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown service has been abused by companies and business interests. In the past we’ve seen ...

1 year ago

ASUSTeK Revenues Reach 13 Month High – Driven By Tablet Sales

In the world of technology ASUS have always had a massive presence – particularly in the enthusiast sector where we conduct most of our work – ASUS make some of ...

1 year ago

iPhone 5s Users Experiencing BSODs

The iPhone 5s and iOS7 has not been out for long but users are already getting a bit disgruntled with its stability when using certain apps. Over on the Apple Forums, a number ...

1 year ago

Facebook Changes Privacy Settings To Make All Users Searchable

Facebook has been through numerous changes in the last few years – some that pleases its users, and a number of which don’t. In their latest move, a change has ...

1 year ago

Markerless Motion Capture System OpenStage 2.3 Released

Organic Motion has just announced the availability of OpenStage 2.3, which claims to make it faster and easier than ever for animators to capture and manipulate motion data. ...

1 year ago

AnyGlove Said To Be “Revolutionary” Touchscreen Technology For Your Gloves

Since winter is almost here, some of us are confronted with the issue of using our smartphones with gloves. For those of you who want to use your smartphone outside with your ...

1 year ago

Higher-res iPad 6 In The Works According To KGI

Those of you who were eagerly anticipating the upcoming iPad 5 should consider shifting perspective and looking into the not-so-near future, at the iPad 6. KGI Securities ...

1 year ago

Apple Rumored To Release Ultra-Slim 12-Inch MacBook with Retina Display

It looks like Apple may be planning to release a 12-inch MacBook with an all-new design and high-resolution Retina Display in Mid-2014, according to KGI Securities analyst ...

1 year ago

HTC One Max Spotted in Public

The most wanted phone that has the word “leaks” attributed alongside its name is undoubtedly the HTC One Max, according to recent statistics. However, multiple ...

1 year ago

UK Gaming Computers Flagship ‘Minos’ Mini PC System Review

Introduction In the UK there are a growing number of system integrators to chose from when buying a new PC and with such a competitive market, it is not the easiest of tasks ...

1 year ago

Samsung Make Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Official

Samsung have just revealed a new video showing off its latest tablet – the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Compared to the original Galaxy Note 10.1 that was released in ...

1 year ago

Young Americans Prefer Twitter Over Facebook

A NY Daily News report suggests that American teenagers are beginning to favour Twitter more than Facebook. Their findings, from a representative sample of 8300 teenagers, ...

1 year ago

Google Faces Antitrust Investigations In Brazil

Google is not exactly unfamiliar with legal action of an antitrust nature as it has faced antitrust lawsuits across a variety of locations in recent times, most notably in the ...

1 year ago

T-Mobile Has Dishonored Their 30% Off Coupon Used on Galaxy Gear

Enthusiasts that wanted to buy the all new Galaxy Gear watch from T-Mobile went ahead and ordered it, even so they also discovered that an online coupon for 30% off was ...

1 year ago

Asteroid Could Collide With Earth, But Not Until 2880 Say Scientists

There’s nothing like a good apocalyptic news story to get you intrigued, but thankfully we are not the bringers of doom today. Cleveland Leader reports that Scientists ...

1 year ago

LG Nexus 5 Hands-On Video Shows Up

If you’re eagerly awaiting the new LG Google Nexus 5 smartphone then you’ll be pleased to know a video has just emerged completely showcasing the new handset. ...

1 year ago

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game To Arrive Next Spring

Activision Publishing and Marvel Entertainment have announced that the video game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a planned launch date for next spring, alongside Sony Pictures ...

1 year ago

Batman Arkham Origins To Release Mobile Edition This Holiday Season

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced at New York’s Comic Con that a mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins will be arriving ...

1 year ago