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Be Quiet Pure Power L8 CM 730W featured

Be Quiet Pure Power L8 CM 730W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction Be Quiet’s reputation as a premium brand has gone from strength to strength in the PC hardware industry. Be Quiet perhaps became famous for their Dark Rock ...

1 year ago

Game To Hold Fifa 14 Lock-Ins At 50 Stores And Midnight Openings At 300 Stores

Leading videogames retailer GAME has announced its biggest EA lock-in series to date with 50 stores going into extra time to give gamers exclusive early access to FIFA 14, ...

1 year ago

GDC Next Reveals ‘Next 10’ Showcase; Inducts Doki-Doki Universe

‘Future of games’ conference GDC Next, taking place in Los Angeles this November, has announced it will be picking ten innovative, yet-to-debut games to make up ...

1 year ago

GTAV Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

The Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue has just been updated with special new sections highlighting why this west coast destination is a fitness buff’s ...

1 year ago

Winners Of The Five Fan Enermax Giveaway Announced!

Today we are announcing the five winners of the Enermax fan giveaway that ended on Monday. Up for grabs were five fans, that’s one each for five lucky winners. By random ...

1 year ago

Xilence To Expand European Presence

After being taken over by Be Quiet’s parent company, Listan GmBH, Xilence are announcing their intentions to aggressively expand their European market positioning with ...

1 year ago

Microsoft To Deliver 14 Patches Next Week

On September 10th Microsoft will unleash a battery of Microsoft updates for its various products on Windows and Office users. There will be 14 updates delivered, four critical ...

1 year ago

AMD Release Catalyst 13.10 Beta Driver

AMD has just made available its newest catalyst beta drive, 13.10. The drive brings support for the HD 8000 through HD 5000 graphics cards series for both notebook and desktop ...

1 year ago

Overclockers UK Announce Ultra High-End 8Pack Systems

We told you that something special was coming from Overclockers UK just a few days ago and now they have finally unveiled it. The new 8Pack range of custom built ultra high ...

1 year ago

Thermaltake Reveal Toughpower DPS Digital Controlled Power Supplies

Thermaltake are the latest power supply vendor to jump onboard the digital power supply wagon. We have already seen digital power supplies from Corsair with their AX1200i and ...

1 year ago

Nokia Mock Samsung Over Android 4.4 KitKat

Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat appears to have not gone unnoticed by its Windows Phone competition over at Nokia. Nokia’s latest advertising campaign plays on the new ...

1 year ago

Player Progression Update And More In Hawken Ascension Update

Meteor Entertainment is set to mark the beginning of a new age in Hawken. Hawken Ascension delivers the biggest update of its kind to Hawken and brings about a vast array of ...

1 year ago
Kingston featured small

Kingston HyperX Gaming Headset Review

Today we’re taking quick look at the Kingston HyperX Gaming Headset, which of course many of you may immediately recognise as the Steelseries Siberia v2, 3.5mm edition. ...

1 year ago

Xbox One Will Get A Subsidised Version But Later In Its Life

Albert Penello, lead director and planner of the Microsoft hardware division, has been telling Gamespot of Microsoft’s intentions to introduce a subsidised version of ...

1 year ago

Xbox One Will Be Playable In UK For First Time At Eurogamer 2013

Gamer Network has announced that UK consumers will be able to get hands on with the next-gen Microsoft console, Xbox One, at the Eurogamer Expo here in the UK, making this the ...

1 year ago

Google’s London HQ To Get Rooftop Swimming Pool And Running Track

The Guardian reports that the new plans for the Google HQ in London include some rather luxurious additions. The new building complex for Google will be based up in North ...

1 year ago
Ghost Recon Online

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online Announces First Official Competition

Ubisoft have announced the launch of its first official competition for its free-to-play PC shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. The team is working together with the ...

1 year ago

Xbox One Cloud Can Power Gaikai-Like Experience

Speaking with Gamespot Microsoft’s Alberto Penello, lead planner for the Xbox One launch, stated that he believes the Xbox One can offer a cloud experience on the same ...

1 year ago

Russian Botnet Taking Over Tor Network, Now Accounts For 80% Of Users

Reports suggest that a Russian Botnet has managed to infiltrate and flood the Tor network. The number of Tor users has been slowly rising as people look to protect themselves ...

1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications Revealed

Samsung have officially unveiled details of the Galaxy Note 3 and its specifications. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses a 5.7 inch 1920×1080 display with Super AMOLED ...

1 year ago

Windows 8 Now Has 115,000 Apps For Download – New Record High

According to figures by MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial monitoring service that tracks changes to Microsoft’s AppStore, Windows 8 users now have access to 115,000 ...

1 year ago

DICE Says Battlefield 4 Naval Combat Is Like Battlefield 1942 Tank Battles

DICE’s creative director, Lars Gustavsson, has been telling IGN about Battlefield 4’s new naval combat mechanics. Apparently Naval Combat will be a big part of ...

1 year ago

Microsoft Says Xbox One And Xbox 360 Can Co-Exist

The Xbox 360 may be a rather ancient piece of kit these days but Microsoft thinks the new Xbox One can co-exist with the current Xbox 360. Microsoft’s Chris Lewis, ...

1 year ago

Yahoo Reveal Final New Logo After Extensive Redesign

After a month of revealing logo runner-up designs Yahoo have finally revealed to the public their new logo. The logo is Yahoo’s first update in 18 years and for a ...

1 year ago

ASUS Announce Transformer Book Trio “Three-In-One”

ASUS have unveiled their latest abomination that isn’t quite sure what it really is. Want a Windows 8 notebook? Want a Windows 8 desktop? Want an Android tablet? Well ...

1 year ago